Chicks Aren't Funny: Tammy Pescatelli is chick, is funny

Posted at 5:40 PM Feb 01, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Last night, comic Tammy Pescatelli won Comedy Central's Stand Up Showdown, which is kind of a big deal. Her competition included Lewis Black, Doug Benson, Josh Blue and Maria Bamford.
Tammy Pescatelli - Booby Boomerang
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As I understand it, this is mainly a people's choice operation. What does this say about Pescatelli, then? I figure some will be tempted to make the argument that she's not actually funnier, than say, Josh Blue, but that she has more fans or more popularity pull or some such. But more fans than Doug Benson? I mean, who do you see on TV more, for real?

This is the eternal problem of comedy contests. It may raise the profile of particular comics, or of the genre as a whole, but somebody always gets screwed and somebody else (usually, many of them) just gets pissy. It's a rare, incredibly well-liked and respected comic who wins a contest with no ire at all.


Stick said:

I was really disappointed with this year's contest. God damn Kyle Cease gets in the top ten every year. (The man is not funny!)
Maria Bamford should have taken Pescatelli's place.

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