Chicks Aren't Funny: Letterman gets a Late Night lady

Posted at 1:10 PM Feb 08, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


Brace yourselves: David Letterman has hired a woman to write for his show. It's all downhill from here, folks--there's gonna be nothing but period jokes, shoes and yogurt on Letterman from now on. Opening monologue? More like vagina monologue, am I right you guys?

Jill Goodwin was a writer's assistant, but now she'll be presumably having a writer's assistant of her own--as the sole lady writer in late night television today. I'm pumped for Goodwin, and glad to see even this tiny drop in the late night bucket. But I'll reiterate what I said a few weeks ago: women will remain a minority in writers' rooms unless more women start doing comedy. So do comedy, you guys.

Which is also why I'm hoping to inspire funny women with a series of leading-by-example posts featuring women who write and perform comedy. Last week it was Morgan Murphy, a writer for Jimmy Fallon, and this week, I'd like to give big-ups to Megan Ganz, a former Onion writer, stand-up comic and present writer for Important Things With Demetri Martin. I met Ganz last summer while researching my thesis (it's on lady comics, y'all) and she's brilliant. Behold:

It can be done, ladies. Do it. DO IT.


mike said:

you said jill would be the sole woman writer in late night, then go on to list morgan murphy as a writer for jimmy fallon. oops.

Andrea said:

You're right, Mike--I meant to say that there weren't any ladies in the O'Brien/Letterman/Leno trifecta. Shoulda been more clear.

lola said:

brilliant? seriously? every third word was "um". that's some great craftsmanship. maybe by brilliant you meant "sloppy and lazy".

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