Aftersn00z roundup: Snowmageddon edition

Posted at 12:25 PM Feb 12, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Seems everyone north of Waco, Texas got a white weekend, while us Austinites are stuck with rain and sleet and cold bursts of atmospheric hate. Really, weather gods, we couldn't even just have a tiny bit? Sigh. For the first time in a long time, Dallas has something Austin doesn't.

I digress. For the internet has lots of wonderful things, specifically, wonderful things brought to you by our favorite ladyblogs. Here's what we like this week in ladyblog land--hopefully it'll get you through the storm:

  • Men + suspenders = ladyboners [SheChive]
  • The man, the myth, the shoes--a salute to Alexander McQueen [CollegeCandy]
  • Plus-size fashion that's actually fashionable, reviewed [ShapelyProse]
  • The politics of pain and birth [Bitch]
  • Geeky boobs, broken down [GeekGirlDiva]
  • Don't mention your ex on a first date [Lemondrop]
  • Girls, geeks: not mutually exclusive [Broadsheet]
  • Catholic church: childless women are to be blamed for the economic crisis [Pandagon]
  • Durex ads portray orgasming women as "confused" [TheSexist]
  • With regard to the "kill your hooker" Facebook group ... [Feministe]
  • Wondering what Kathleen Hanna's up to these days? [Feministing]
  • Orthorexia, the media's new anorexia [Jezebel]
And Dolls, today's the last day to enter to win an OhMiBod vibrator from HD and Eden Fantasys. Click here to tell us your best (worst!) sex toy story, and we'll announce a winner on Monday. (And hey, even if you don't have a story to share, the entries alone are worth a close read. Lots of hilarity.)


Spark. said:

Mostly unrelated, but I thought you should know.
Robert Pattinson is allergic to vagina.
...Which I'm pretty sure isn't a thing.

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