10 Graphic Novels You Should Pick Up with 'Twilight'

Posted at 5:00 AM Feb 08, 2010

By Jill Pantozzi


Ladies and gentlemen, contain yourselves. "Twilight: The Graphic Novel" is coming to a comic shop near you. Just like the screams that erupt whenever Robert Pattinson does anything, it was inevitable. Whether or not you're a fan, you can admit this is going to be huge. You can sit back and complain about how horrible you think it is, or you can view it like I do, as an opportunity. Some, possibly the majority of individuals picking up Twilight: The Graphic Novel, have never read a comic book. For years, comic companies and retailers have been constantly trying to come up with ideas to get new readers, and this is their chance.

Being a comic fan myself and having read the Twilight Saga and seen both film adaptations (don't laugh), I think I'm appropriately qualified to put this list together. If you're going to buy Twilight: The Graphic Novel, here are 10 other graphic novels I think you'd enjoy. I know asking you to buy 10 is a lot, so peruse them all and purchase a few. Oh, and do me a favor: don't buy them online. Find your local comic shop and buy them there. Really, they aren't as scary as you think.


10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, by Joss Whedon and friends

I would hope this one was obvious. The similarities between BtVS and Twilight aren't very specific, but they're there. The love, the danger, the drama. If you're a fan of Twilight and never watched Buffy on TV then, by all means, Netflix that shit. Or, at the very
least, borrow Season 1 from a friend and then come back to this recommendation after you've watched all seven. Joss Whedon continues his epic tale of the Slayer in comic book format that he and Dark Horse have delightfully named Season 8. Buffy has fallen for not one, but TWO vampires in her time, but unlike Bella, she can throw her lover into a wall if he decides to attack her. It may even turn into some awesome foreplay.

Why you'll like it: Vampires, duh!

9. Castle Waiting, by Linda Medley

Anyone who thinks damsels are meant to be in distress hasn't visited the right castle. Bella and Edward may live happily ever after, staring into each other's eyes for all eternity, but what happens to everyone else in the story once their's ends? Castle Waiting is a look at all the minor players in the tale of Sleeping Beauty and some you've probably never heard of (the bearded nun, perhaps?) following her exit with Prince Charming. It's a smart, humorous story about strong women helping others and daily life at a castle that was meant for more than just love stories.

Why you'll like it: Because you really want to know what Jessica and
Angela got up to after graduation.


8. Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes, by Karl Kesel

You know how everyone was so worried Edward would kill his fragile human girlfriend? That was nothing. Try having a psychotic serial killer for a boyfriend. Batman's nemesis, the Joker, is Harley Quinn's main squeeze, and no matter how much her life is threatened by him, she still can't give up her Puddin'! Oddly enough, this classic couple is loved and adored for just that reason. Go figure. This graphic novel is a few days in the life of the wacky gal who finally tries to go solo. She recruits her own henchman, has some fun times with fellow villainess Poison Ivy and tries to rob Wayne Manor. If you don't think that's funny, well, you don't know Harley.

Why you'll like it: Harley is just as obsessed with Joker as Bella is with Edward.

7. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by Eric Shanower

There's nothing like another adored adaptation to help transition someone into comic books, and what's more adored than the Wizard of Oz? There have been a few comic versions of the classic L. Frank Baum tale, but Marvel Comics' latest really stands out. Fans of the original work will be very happy to see several characters and plot points that were never touched in the 1939 film. Since the story is familiar, it's really the art by Skottie Young that sells this book. The colors are bright and bold, and everyone, even the evil characters, are too cute for words. Don't even get me started on Toto! There aren't any Twilight corollaries here, it's just a great comic for anyone.

Why you'll like it: Amazing illustrations and classic adventure.


6. Mouse Guard, by David Petersen

I haven't been this entertained by mice since Witches. David Petersen writes and illustrates this epic tale about a civilization of mice and their fight for survival. The story focuses on a group of warrior mice, literally the Mouse Guard of their race. I'm also biased because these mice are freaking adorable. Set in a medieval era, they wear capes, wield swords and fight off snakes and crabs 10 times their size to protect themselves and their community. Petersen lets his images stand on their own at times, which not many other comic artists could get away with, but work wonders with the dramatic storylines.

Why you'll like it: It's supposed to be turned into a movie. Get in on the ground floor so you can be one of the cool kids.


DJRM said:

I hate to be "that guy" but I am going to have be as a fan of Scott Pilgrim.

Knives Chau is the high schooler Scott is dating at the start of the series.

Ramona Flowers is the roller skating delivery chick with the seven evil ex-boyfreinds that Scott falls in love with.

I just thought that should be cleared up for anyone who reads this and decides to check out Scott Pilgrim so they will not be too confused.

toomin said:

@DJRM: Scott Pilgrim is one of the best things to ever come out of the Western comic scene--you have good taste (and so does Jill :P).

@the rest of the list: Thanks a lot for this list--Runaways Fables, and the Harley Quinn comic all look incredibly interesting. Also, for anyone wondering, I found Blankets to be wonderfully written and illustrated (and this is coming from a guy).

Merritt said:

I loved Mouse Guard and cannot wait to read Blankets, now that you've pointed me to it.

Thanks, lady!

Jill aka The Nerdy Bird said:

@DJRM, Gah! How did I do that? It should be fixed shortly.

You're welcome toomin and merritt. :)

Sara said:

Jill, thanks for showing some of my favorites (BtVS Season 8, The Runaways and Fables) some love. I'll have to check out some of the other ones.

deadbug said:

if you're looking for twilight style check out the Vampire Knight manga. It pre-dates mr. sparkle-fangs by a few years, features a personality free girl who everybody loves for some reason, and a ton of hot guys who feel the overwhelming need to protect her from themselves.

"Starman" Matt Morrison said:

Good picks, all.

Long as we're doing the shout outs to good vampire comics in the comments here, I think I'll suggest Life Sucks by Jessica Abel.

What's so good about it? Well, Imagine Twilight ala Kevin Smith.

The story centers on Dave is a loser who has been condemmed to an eterenity of slavery at the local Quickie-Mart by one of the local vampire lords, who realized it was much easier to blood-bond employees than to hire good help. Things get complicated when Dave starts trying to romance Rosa (a goth girl with somewhat idealized views of what vampires) are like and his vampire "brother" - a skeevy surfer dude who loves everything about the vampire lifestyle Dave hates - decides to make a play for her too.

Adri said:

What about Return to Labyrinth? Beautiful art, manga sequel to one of the best fantasy films of all time, what's not to love?

Patrick Rennie said:

I've given Castle Waiting as a gift three times now. Good, good stuff.

Great list. Gives me a couple more things to look for.

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