Things women love, according to the 'Leap Year' movie trailer

Posted at 10:26 AM Jan 07, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

I've been addicted to the Scrabble-impersonating iPhone app Words With Friends for the past several days, and while I really like it, I don't like that it forces me to watch ads for Leap Year, the wacky new romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and that guy from Damages and some foreign dude or something. It's hard to think about words that have "Q" that don't have "U" when you're facepalming every other minute. (Yeah, I could buy the app without the ads, but that requires money. Who pays money for things?)

There are many things to learn from this trailer. Men, take note. This is what women want:

  • Trying on dresses with our sassy best friends (preferably wedding dresses)
  • Throwing food out windows
  • Accents
  • Mean, dismissive assholes
  • Falling in love with inappropriate men

Things women do not want:

  • Getting jewelry that is not an engagement ring
  • Dying without getting engaged
  • Anything to do with cars and the operation thereof, because we're bad at it
  • Not being engaged
  • Not being married
  • Not being in a long-term committed relationship
  • Not having a boyfriend who proposes at our command
  • Not having a boyfriend who we could propose to
  • etc.


Catherine said:

I kinda' want to see this. Looks like a laugh even if it seems a bit shallow.

Kiala said:

This movie makes me stabby.

Matt said:

Her dad is the Trinity Killer! I wonder if she kills herself at the end when her antics fail to win his love and attention.

Arwen said:


Arwen said:


beth said:

You kind of have to love that the girl has to fly to Ireland to propose... but it's just so unheard of for a woman to pop the question in the states. That just wouldn't be proper! My lord what will they think of next.

SJ said:

Dublin isn't that hard to get to, is she that incompetent that she went to the wrong airport? You might want to add that to the list too.

Bobbyskizza said:

Everyone in Ireland has an iphone or BlackBerry and working electicity that doesn't blow out a whole village from one over loaded socket. If her plane was diverted away from Dublin it would have gone to Limerick or Belfast or Derry. Even if she did have to land in Wales there is a Ferry that would negate the need to go by fishing boat. How do I know this? I live in Ireland, which by the way is not only famous for stereotypes and guiness but also for software development. Damn you holywood and your ridiculous veiw of Ireland.

Working Rachel said:

Wait, a woman can only propose on LEAP DAY? What year is this, 1400?

Steve said:

Och, ye've noo idee whut ye're speakin' oov, lassie. Merra me!
(I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a bad Irish or Scottish accent... probably Scottish due to the "lassie")

On the flip side, one of the things that kinda bugs me about this movie is that she chases her beau to Ireland wanting to marry him, and then seems to fall in love with the guy who gives her a ride. It's nice to know Hollywood thinks women will throw away a secure relationship for the first guy with an accent and a car.

pmsrhino said:

You know, in America it's tradition that on any month that starts with the letter C a women is totally allowed to propose to a man. Any other month and women can just fuck off and wait and poof their hair up or something. Whatever it is women do when they're just sitting and waiting for a man...

Jane3 said:'s a chick flick. I'm not saying that's an excuse for a film to be terribly sexist, but I also don't think the film - and especially not just the trailer - is claiming that ALL women are like this. And besides, there ARE women like that, who place getting married high on their list of things to do in life. There are also plenty of people who think it's only right for the man to propose; I'm not saying I agree with that, but it's not as though it's unheard of, even with people who consider themselves to be fairly open-minded. Some people just like tradition.

And seriously: "inappropriate men"? "sassy best friends"? I don't think you can be upset with what you assume are value judgments while staking your own argument in your own preconceptions.

alayna said:

It's a movie.... It's called entertainment! I loved the movie. Not for a second do I think all women are like this character... And for the record, after the movie my four daughters and I want to make a trip to Ireland now. Not because it was portrayed like a backwards country but because is was portrayed in a beautiful, romantic way.

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