The first Pantylines of the new year!

Posted at 7:30 AM Jan 04, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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Feeling chipper and thrilled to be back at your desks after the holiday? Anxious to get started on all those projects you were pushing back until after Drunkcember? I thought you would be. Here's what happened in ladynews over the weekend, which is in no way a procrastination tool to give you something to do on a Monday morning that is not actual work.

  • Men For Women Now encourages men to tell women to get mammograms to "save boobs." [MenForWomenNow] Remember ladies, it's not your actual existence that's important, it's the quality and health of your tits. If you don't save your own life, who will get the opportunity to enjoy your big, healthy breasts? Not men, that's for sure. And you owe them that much.
  • Pioneering newspaperwoman Deborah Howell has died. [NYT] An inspiration to dedicated reporters and journalists everywhere.
  • In praise of gender-equal late night infomercials. [Bitch] What are you doing with your Magic Bullet under that Snuggie?
  • Women beaten, abused if they don't sit in the back of some Israeli buses. [] The beautiful consistency of religious fundamentalism: a new decade, same old shit.
  • Statistically speaking, you have probably screwed Warren Beatty. [E!] You and 12,774 of your closest friends. I wonder if he banged any dudes?
  • Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are the most admired women in America. [LA Times] Based on a poll of about 1,000 people. Ladies and gentlemen: science!


almost30 said:

Real sexism: Being forced to sit in the back of a bus because you're a woman.

Not real sexism: Tongue-in-cheek commercials featuring men about breast health.

Andrea said:

Deciding what is "real" sexism: counterproductive. There are many kinds of sexism, and they all need to be addressed.

Pete said:

Yeah, pervasive kinds of cancer aren't cool enough b ecause you just have to cut off a part of you instead of dying all sid-an-nancy-style. They were playing with the magic knife under an opiate blanket. snuggle bunnies I calls em. Jus six degrees of Kevin's bacon strip. Who agrees with mees?

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