'SATC2' getting "Carried away" with the bling

Posted at 12:30 PM Jan 04, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

I am a pretty serious fan of Sex and the City, even as I am aware of its many white-centric, queer-stereotyping, consumerist issues. Regardless, I believe the show did a lot for opening up a conversation about female sexuality and the different kinds of relationships women want and have. I remain consistently entertained by it.

However, the bling-tastic, brand-blow-job bullshit that seems to have totally overtaken the films is kind of killing me. There was a lot of designer worship in the series, but the movies have taken this crap to a whole new level. Yes, Carrie was fashion-conscious on television, but she was also broke sometimes and lived in a studio apartment. I'm not sure I even want to try to identify with her as a globe-trotting, penthouse-dwelling lady these days.

I don't begrudge Carrie the success, but I am irritated by the emphasis on its money- and class-oriented advantages, as seen here in the new film's trailer:

(And for the record ... #TeamAidan right here.)


MaryMel said:

Do get back to us on how you feel about that money and class oriented advantage when you hit Carrie's age....k?

In the meantime, plenty of Indies and Foreigns on the racks to get your world conscious reality in film on.

All these actresses are over 40, aren't they? In Hollywood that says more than having to endure a stupendous array of eye candy.

beth said:

I also have considered SATC a guilty pleasure for years, despite it's lack of serious analysis of race, class and other issues. But it did offer an opportunity for a different vision of the "happily ever after" for women... maybe we didn't need a man, a house, the 2.3 kids to be happy, maybe this was enough, our studio apartments and living pay check to pay check with a string of disappointing boyfriends.
But the movies have brushed off these more movie stereotype-breaking stories with the response "don't give up! happily ever after can happen at 35 or 40, not only 25 or 30!" That's not radical or liberating. Nor is the rampant branding and "consumption = happiness" crap. Some of us will always live in a studio, will not date a bartender who will later open his own bar, will not sleep with an up and coming Hollywood actor who buys us expensive diamonds or CEOS who buy us penthouse apartments and propose to us. Awful.

dsi r4 said:

It is really very nice and we are really awaiting for it just. Thanks for it. Surely it will be nice too such as like last series movie. Waiting for summer.

Pete said:

Sex in the desert? I certainly hope there's lots of jokes about eating dessert in the desert and a camel riding sequence tracked to "my humps"!

Michelle said:

I, too, loved SATC (the show) as a guilty pleasure.

Honestly, I can't figure out--and the trailer does nothing to help--what on earth can happen in the second movie. The trailer makes the movie seem like it will be "Scenes from the Good Life," with no plot. Just more of the same ol' (Carrie obsessing about shoes, Charlotte obsessing about babies, Samantha obsessing about sex, Miranda obsessing about Steve).

That said, I'm sure I will Netflix it.

Michelle said:

Also, I think Aidan probably got what he deserved--someone better than Carrie.

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