Sarah Palin joining Fox "News"

Posted at 3:42 PM Jan 11, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

The t00bz are abuzz today with the news that Sarah Palin is going to be joining Fox News as a regular contributor and commentator.

I know what you're thinking. Doesn't the woman practically run the place already, since Fox can't make a move without consulting the right-wing crazies, of which Sarah Palin is queen? I guess they're just making it official. Maybe Ann Coulter can catch the bouquet.

This bit, from the HuffPo, reads like something off the Daily Show:

She also will host occasional episodes of Fox News' "Real American Stories," a series debuting this year that the network said will feature true inspirational stories about Americans who have overcome adversity.
Real 'Murkans! Fair and balanced! I, for one, am excited. After all, I suspect this could spell disaster for her political career.

Anyone who's ever watched Sarah Palin do much of anything besides read a prepared speech probably has a pretty well-developed shield against secondhand embarrassment. The woman who couldn't get through that softballed Katie Couric interview and balked at Tina Fey's impersonations wants more of a media presence?

I'm sure she thinks she'll be safe on Fox. Lord knows the channel does nothing if not pander to conservative politicians and the people who love them. But if Fox is letting her do much more than read some pre-scripted drivel about Real 'Murkans, I fear Palin is in for an unpleasant surprise. Namely, the plethora of opportunities non-Fox media outlets, blogs, Twitterers,  liberals and rational people generally will have to get in some good laughs at her expense.

Is this Fox News thing supposed to boost her future political career? I shudder at the thought. Sarah Palin is much like Dubya Bush--a charismatic person who is crappy, crappy, crappy at their chosen career. (Or in Dubya's case, careers.) Beyond her charisma, is there an aspect of political life that Palin excels at? She lacks perseverance, quitting her job as governor because it was hard. She can't take criticism or opposition, lashing out at reporters when she's unable to answer their questions. And she loves the echo chamber, what with the signing of this contract with Fox News.

One of Palin's great strengths as an unknown VP candidate was the fact that she was, well, unknown. She came out of the gate sprinting, gathering steam and supporters with speed. And she's certainly made a name for herself. However, I can't help but wonder if more exposure will only hurt her appeal as far as a career in politics goes. Palin was the magical, mysterious Republican pixie-fairy, around which bored and understimulated conservatives could rally and be inspired. What happens when she becomes old hat Sarah Palin? Will she still be politically exciting?

If Palin wants to become a full-time pundit, this Fox thing should do her just fine. But as far as a political career goes, the whole thing looks like a great opportunity for Palin to shoot herself in the foot, repeatedly, on national television. I'm going to make popcorn.


Susan said:

Sarah Palin talking about Real Merkins???


defenestrated said:

@Susan - omg!:

"According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language the term [merkin] stems from a corruption of the obsolete word malkin, meaning a lower-class woman or mop, which is derived from a diminutive of the personal name Mary (Mall, Moll and Malkin probably come from 'Mary').[8][9] The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary concurs in this derivation.[5]"

Oh that makes me so happy. Because I am ten years old, and not above making fun of someone's name (if they happen to bug the crap out of me).

MaryMel said:

oooo hope she interviews Liz Cheney right up front and we get a 2 fer Cracker Jacks Crazy, and I'll get to host a burrito-pizza party and wine from a box, tube watchin' party, in honor of 2 of America's faves.

BorgQueen said:

You know, I'm ok with this. Like you said, it will essentially kill her political "career." Plus if we have all the crazies on one channel they will be easier to avoid. And MaryMel, count me in. I'll bring my moose-meat sammiches and my (electronic only?) copy of Playgirl featuring Levi Johnston.

deadlytoque said:

When we read about this this morning, my partner said "Well, my years of not taking Fox News seriously have certainly come to a middle." I lucked out when she and I met: a Sarah Palin burn + a Firefly quote = wins.

E and O said:

deadlytoque's comment cracked me up. A friend responded the announcement with "let's hope this gives her enough rope to shoot herself with." Which has a kinda Jayne-like poetry to it. ;)

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