Pantylines, Monday 25 January

Posted at 9:08 AM Jan 25, 2010

Andrea Grimes

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The news, of course, does not stop just because you took this weekend to indulge yourself in a number of comedy shows and karaoke events and breakfast tacos. (And by "you" I mean "me.") Here's what happened on the Sat's and Sun's in ladynews:

  • "She Works. They're Happy." Is the headline in this NYT piece about working married women? It's in the styles section, of course. Because stories about work that men and companies do goes in business, and stories about ladies go in style. If you just took an office bet on Betty Friedan being namechecked in the lede, collect your winnings.
  • Lead has been found in ladies' handbags, according to ABC. Also probably found somewhere in ladies handbags: the cure for cancer, a Great American Novel.
  • Bristol Palin says she's not having any more premarital sex. This is like the other day at the bar when you yarfed up a tequila shot and declared you weren't drinking any more. Sure, you aren't. Sure. You. Aren't.
  • Betty White got a lifetime achievement SAG award. No snark here.
  • Frisky's got the various Emma lead actresses through the years. If you love sweet, curly ear-tendrils, get your ladyboner in check now.
  • Why PETA's shock tactics fall flat as a call to vegetarian action on Shapely Prose. Personally, I'm not hungry for anything--tofu or a steak--after I watch a stripper get murdered.


Joe said:

Placement and continued gendered essentialism aside, I think the NYT piece brings up some really good points. Though I would have liked to have seen more exploration into the idea of the psychological effects on both women and men of dismantling long internalized patriarchy. That to me seems like the biggest issue here.

Also props to linking to a blog citing "Dinosaur Comics" as an effective illustration of conceptual metaphor.

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