Pantylines, Monday 11 January

Posted at 9:40 AM Jan 11, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

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Are you prepared for the long slog to, what, St. Patrick's Day? Is that the next holiday we have that's fun? I hate the post-holidays slump. We're only just beginning this stretch of weeks without any fun to look forward to. (Anyone feeling inclined to jump in here and describe February 14 as "fun" should go ahead send their donation and firstborn to Hallmark and sit on a series of tacks.)

I digress. Here's some new information for your ladyissues brain what happened over the weekend. Pantylines!

  • Even in "feminist" households, women don't do the majority of the driving when the couple's in the car. [NYT] This is clearly related to the fact that feminism causes women to be drunkards, so the men have to drive.
  • Plump lips make women seem younger. [BBC] Things that don't make women seem younger: wrinkles, cellulite, breasts that don't look like rock-hard cantaloupes, did you want the number to a local plastic surgeon or can you get that yourself?
  • The increase in women diplomats is called the "Hillary effect." [WaPo] Just don't call it "steps toward equality" or "finally starting to give women some interesting positions of power," because then it won't be a bizarre anomaly that we can go back on at any time if the boys get scared.
  • Speaking of Hillary, watch her moving and powerful speech on the state of women's health and reproductive freedom that she gave on Friday. [C-Span] It will make you want to slap a #firstworldproblems hashtag on every single thing you do.


Susan said:

I don't do the driving because I see driving as a stressful chore, and anyone else who wants to do it is welcome. I think it's totally feminist to not do a thing that makes you feel stressed out if you don't have to. Partnerships! Sharing responsibilities!

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