Hot Lady Track of the Week: Alicia Keys and Beyonce's "Put It in a Love Song"

Posted at 8:00 AM Jan 27, 2010

By Nicki Escudero

I've never really been a huge Alicia Keys fan, but I can't help but love this track from the R&B singer who seems to be everywhere these days.

On "Put It in a Love Song," Keys teams up with Beyonce, the wife of her "Empire State of Mind" collaborator, Jay-Z. Both Keys and Beyonce sound great on the track, with Keys showing a funky, poppy side that hasn't been featured in many of her singles.

The song is all about getting a man to treat you right, as the duo sing that they're worth lots of love and affection, including having their guys write love songs for them. Rumor has it, Keys is engaged to Swizz Beats, and surely he and Jay would have no trouble penning some sweet tracks for the ladies. Doesn't sound like so much to ask.

Keys lets the misogynistic men of the world know, "I'm not easy, yeah, you gotta work for it." That doesn't mean saying, "Damn, you's a sexy chick," or comparing her to a fast food restaurant. It means proclaiming your affection, then doing kind things for your lady.

What I like about this song is that Keys and Beyonce don't feel the need to grovel over the guys--we know the singers are hot stuff inside and out, and it's nice to hear them confidently state that in a pop song.

Plus, the melody is so darn catchy that the message can easily infiltrate the minds of listeners. I'm not sure about you, Dolls, but I know I would sure love to have a love song written about me, too.


manobon said:

As a guy who started listening to music in the 90's (born in the 80's), primarily made by white twenty-somethings, I've heard Many a love song written for women. I've also heard many misogynistic (aka Terrible) songs that are supposed to seduce women...or something?

Regardless, whenever I've listened to women singing about men/relationships with men, they've primarily been of heartbreak or how they want something better (which is a good thing!). I guess what I'm saying is, I'm pretty confused as to where the "Yeah, women deserve love songs- Finally!" is coming from, considering the majority of songs written ever have been love songs, both my men and women towards women and men (i.e., hetero relationships).

Or maybe I'm saying that I'd like a love song too.

Sean said:

"Text me on my cell phone!" Brilliant.

This is really good. I am going to keep this one around.

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