Hey, That's My Cape!: New Joisey Comic Con

Posted at 10:00 AM Jan 27, 2010

By Jill Pantozzi

New Jersey. Home of 24-hour diners, The Sopranos, Bon Jovi and me. Now the New Jersey Comic Con Wizard World Convention can call my fair state its home. Too bad no one will be calling the show anything at all, because it's a really long name.

You've heard of "event fatigue" in comics? Well prepare yourself for "convention fatigue." This week Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard Entertainment, announced his NINTH convention for 2010. The NJCCWWC (good god) will be landing at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center October 15-17. "Much of my family lives or has lived in the Garden State," Shamus said, "All my hometown friends there were bugging me to do this for them and their kids." ORLY? Because it's so hard to make that short train ride into New York City ONE WEEK earlier for the bigger and better New York Comic Con produced by Reed Exhibitions? I know I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Trains are such a drag.

The news is even more mind-boggling when you consider Wizard announced the newly rebranded Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con last year and placed it directly down the block from NYCC on the very same weekend. So not only is Wizard's NJCCWWC (gah!) competing with Reed's NYCC, they're competing with their own 'Con as well. Maybe they're trying to save money by keeping their crew in the area for a week instead of flying back and forth? From a business standpoint, I clearly don't get it. Fans, exhibitors, and creators alike are hurt by this move.

Maybe I'm wrong. Do smaller shows with less industry presence really appeal to a lot of people? I know the big shows can get crowded, but if I'm going to a con, it's to see my favorite comic creators, not sift through the quarter bins or get autographs from reality stars. I'm looking at you Jersey Shore cast. According to the press release, "New Jersey Comic Con fans can expect a family entertainment-focused event with a concentration on comics, games and toys, while all aspects of pop-culture will be represented." How awesome is Snookie going to look dressed up in a store-bought Wonder Woman outfit? Now, I know this doesn't have anything to do with the con itself, but I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't point out that the NJ Expo Center has been home to many a porn convention. Just sayin'.

Above all, does the Garden State really need a show that's a watered-down version of Wizard's Big Apple con the previous weekend? Shamus thinks so, "Launching this event is exciting because it gives our fans in New Jersey a show to call their own." As a resident, may I just say, New Jersey is famous for lots of things (delicious hot dogs are another!), and I think we're cool with what we've got already. It's safe to say I won't be attending NJCCWWC (I hate you). Unless of course, they decide to have me as a guest. In which case, I'm all yours.



Stick said:

Sorry, New Joisey doesn't exist. I think you mean North Joisey. (Certainly not South Jersey, such blasphemy!)

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