Confused about what to do with your womb? Tim Tebow can help!

Posted at 8:25 AM Jan 26, 2010

By Andrea Grimes


For better or worse, high-profile athletes are role models. So lucky for us ladies, when we are confused about what to do with our own bodies, we don't have to think for ourselves any more! We can just ask college football star and '07 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

Or, rather, we can have Tim Tebow--and his mom, who did not abort him, praise Jesus! Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Jesus! Also, Jesus!--tell us what to do in their upcoming, much-publicized anti-choice Super Bowl commercial sponsored by right-wing Evangelical Christian coalition of misogynist, homophobic nutbags Focus on the Family. I know that "Tim Tebow's mom didn't have an abortion that one time" is maybe the best reason I can think of to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

"I know some people won't agree with it, but I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe," Tebow said. "I've always been very convicted of it (his views on abortion) because that's the reason I'm here, because my mom was a very courageous woman. So any way that I could help, I would do it."

No, Tim Tebow, I cannot at least respect that you stand up for what you believe. Why?

Because what Tim Tebow believes is that he has a right to tell women when to reproduce. Based on the fact that his mom gave birth to him. Overblown sense of self-importance, much? Dear Tim, my respect for your rights ends at your disrespect for my rights--and my body.

I am so over this whole debate, and it hasn't even really gotten started yet. I know this Tim kid. I mean, I don't know him, but I know his type. And I have no problem generalizing about what kind of typical asshole a self-righteous, widely worshipped Jesus lovin' athlete Tim Tebow is. He's every smug jock I went to high school with. The guys who lead prayer in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and felt superior to the world because they had Special Jesus Love, on the field and off.

After all, if Tim Tebow is not super-precious blessed by Jebus, how could he have all this athletic talent? Clearly Jesus loves Tim Tebow more than you. And by "Jesus" I mean "Tim Tebow," as in "Tim Tebow loves Tim Tebow more than you." That's why he thinks he can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, when and how to have sex and babies.

Tim Tebow loves me, this I know ...


Susan said:

Also, he's been "convicted of it"? Like, condemned to being alive or something? I also cannot respect his opinion on the matter because he doesn't have a vocabulary large enough to explain it, apparently.

Marcus said:

@Susan, despite its connotation of criminal guilt, being convicted of a belief is common religious parlance. Further, from what I remember, the etymology "conviction" is of a meaning with firmly believing something and not necessarily something directly criminal. Chalk it up to a Fred Durst "agreeance" moment.

Rob said:

His mother had a choice and chose to keep him. Does he want to deny others that choice or does he want to convince them to choose life? I have no problem if he just wants to express his right to free speech and state his opinion. If he wants to eliminate the choice his mother was given for others that's another story.

ogie said:

has anyone noticed the resemblance between Tebow and the christian suicide bomber from True Blood? Coincidence i think not.

Marcus said:

@Susan Rethinking my comment, I interpreted your comment completely wrong. I'm an idiot. Nevertheless, I think he's saying he's convicted in his beliefs of anti-choice, not convicted of being alive.

All that aside, I still think he's a Tebownehead. Zing.

BorgQueen said:

Rob, therein lies the hypocrisy of these so-called "Pro-Lifers." They don't believe that women have a choice. Period. So if his belief is that his mom didn't have a choice to keep him or not, how can they be celebrating the fact that she did? Same thing when the religious right was praising Sarah Palin's "choice" to keep her child even though there was a great chance of him having Down's syndrome... she had no choice so why are you celebrating it?

My issue here is that these ads are costing upwards of 3 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time. 3 MILLION DOLLARS!!! How many children could that money feed? How many people could $3 million worth of medical supplies save in Haiti? It blows my mind that a church group would spend this kind of money on a FUCKING COMMERCIAL. Is that really what Jesus would do?

Andrea said:

Rob -

It seems apparent to me that appearing in an anti-choice SuperBowl commercial funded by an influential right-wing Christian lobby group is demonstrating that he wants to eliminate the choice his mother was given. It's one thing to believe something; it's another thing to get on national television during what is probably the most-watched few hours all year long and bag on with some emotionally-charged anecdote that has nothing to do with the actual facts and everything to do with proselytizing. In making such a public statement as a known and respected figure, Tebow is effectively adding fuel to the anti-choice cause, increasing their profile. And make no mistake about it, anti-choicers are NOT content to just let people believe whatever they want--they are actively and passionately interested in reducing women's access to abortion as well as a whole host of other reproductive services like birth control, etc.

aggravated said:

What I would like to know is, why when someone stands up for life are they considered some Right Wing, Religious nutjob? I realize that in this case the commercial was paid for by religious nutjobs but still not everyone who believes in pro-life is a right-wing religious nut. I am pro-life. I strongly believe that abortion is murder. I'm also a democrat and not religious. I'm also a mother of two. Anyhow, I'm tired of "pro-choicers" generalizing all pro-lifers into the same category. I don't catergorize all of you as sadist twisted baby killers, now do I? Nope.

Proud Christian said:

I am a Christian. I am Pro-Choice. Why? Because every woman has the right to decide for herself. I would never choose it for myself and would discourage any one from abortion but once again their final decision. However this commercial does not bother me. If they want to spend their money stating their belief, let them. I hate Doritos but have to sit through their commercials.

BorgQueen said:

aggravated, the religious nut-jobs are the ones that try to push their beliefs on others and force people to live by their very specific moral code. They attempt to force legislation comforming to their religious views, block access to simple, convenient and necessary health care and call anyone who does not agree 100% with their ideas murderers, sinners, whores, etc. They don't see both sides of an issue and attempt to intelligently debate it, they stick their fingers in their ears and yell over anyone trying to engage in adult conversation.

If you are against abortion then I respect that view; it is your right and your freedom within this country to have an opinion, share it and live YOUR life by a set of moral codes you have made for yourself. The problem occurs when you try to tell ME how to live my life... I have the same right you do to make choices for myself.

It isn't (always) the belief that makes one a nutjob, it is the action that is inspired by a belief.

Nima said:

So because his mom didn't have an abortion, she had him, a football player. Now, i'm just saying, what if she did have one, and waited a bit longer, could the next child have found the cure for cancer? XD

Personally, I dont think I would get an abortion (won't really know till i'm in teh situation), but I think that every Woman should have the right to choose herself. Otherwise, everyone should keep their religon and political opinions ot themselves unless asked. i think the world will be a better place that way.

Vergilius said:

Sorry, but this is a giant straw man argument. The issue isn't about controlling anyone's choice to do anything, it's about protecting human life. I can't choose to go down the street and set fire to a daycare center. In the mind of most of the anti-abortion crowd, that's what abortion amounts to. Now they may *also* be misogynistic and homophobic, but that has nothing to do with the point at hand.

Jebus says life begins at conception. You clearly think picking that time is an arbitrary decision not backed up by anything compelling, and therefore arrive at different conclusions about what it is and is not permissible to do to a fetus.

The abortion debate doesn't hinge on women's rights, it hinges on the definition of "person." "I'm sorry, a fetus is not a person and here's why" is a perfectly acceptable argument for a pro-choice position. Name calling and holier-than-thou pontificating about women's rights isn't.

Dominic said:

Finally some people with the nads to lay criticism on this self-righteous, arrogant, holy-than-thou jack-ass.

I have been sickened how he has been fawned over by the mainstream press and the gutless sportswriters who love to portray him as some saint who can't do wrong and is better than everyone else that happens to play football.

I have NEVER heard ANY criticism of his right-wing Christian posistions in the mainstream media but that should not be surprising.

It is disgusting that he and his mother are using the bully puplit and tons of corporate Christian money to push their narrow hateful agenda on national television.

And lastly, WHY in hell should we care about what this dumb self-rughteous jock and his whack job mother have to say about a social issue and one that pertains to individual decisions. Stupid people need to keep their mouths shut and just do what they are good at; in this jock's case, it's football football, and more football. All we need ot hear out of his mouth is the post-game conference.

If CBS does air this commercial I will NOT be watching this Super Bowl. I hope many people will follow suit and I believe that this will ultimately hurt CBS in the long run unless they are planning on being the next TBN.

In either case, this is a decision that will not be popular with many viewers and CBS can deal with the backlash.

As a final note, The United Church of Christ, a liberal denomination, tried to air a ad during the SB a few years back (2004 I believe) that was to reach out to gay people and was refused by CBS which stated they didn't do advocacy ads but somehow that changes when the agenda is a right wing whacko one.

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