Canon camera knows ladies like it soft

Posted at 9:53 AM Jan 06, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

A photographer friend in New York City sends along a bit of sly sexism found in the manual for the popular Canon 7D camera (courtesy, he says, of yet another photog). Check out the description of the portrait setting.


"For nice skin tones. The image looks softer. Effective for close-ups of women or children." But apparently ineffective for photos of men? And old people? Or maybe it's implying we don't want close-ups of them, anyway?

But one thing we know for sure: ladies need to look pretty and soft, and you should definitely use the portrait mode to make sure this happens. And, on the upside, at least it's encouraging close-ups of children and not the Pedo in the Park Mode for clear, soft, long-range photos of kids.

Says my friend: "I think they should also have a Man Mode that adds a hardy beard and a Coors Light to every photo with a dude."


Paul said:

Abstract ( : Sharp lines of contrast)
For shots of men. The lines in an image are more apparent. Effective for topless shots in the bathroom while holding a Keystone Light and wearing your hat backwards.
By changing the [Color tone] (p.66), you can edit out the fake tan.

Cubist ( : Lens remains on the camera)
For shots of old people. Picture makes little to no sense. Effective for giving the elderly a reason to complain that the new-fangled camera is too complicated.
By wearing [Ear plugs] (p.74), it is possible to survive listening to the elderly complain for 2 - 3 hours.

Orangutan said:

This is new behavior on Canon's part, I just checked my beloved Rebel XT's manual, and there's nothing of the sort. =/

deadlytoque said:

I just got a Rebel XTi for my birthday, and mine definitely has that line. I remember it pretty clearly since it's only been a few days.

Pete said:

If you like soft focus effecting you then you're either Kenny Rogers or an actor in a douche commercial. Basically the same deal there.

Natte said:

It's in the EOS 5D Mark II too. It really pissed me off.

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