Aftersn00z roundup: The links, the love, the ladies!

Posted at 1:10 PM Jan 29, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Is that really you, Lil' Jon?
Probably the biggest news today is that we journalists can officially stop calling Scott Roeder the "alleged" murderer of Dr. George Tiller. It took a jury all of 37 minutes this morning to convict the batshit-misogynist, religious fundamentalist domestic terrorist (I'll say it) of walking into Dr. Tiller's church and shooting him to death. The ending isn't happy, because the entire situation is horrific. But it is something.

Here's what else happened in ladynews this week, full of linky love for HD's favorite blogs:

  • What does objectification mean in a larger--more than sexual--sense? [Pandagon]
  • The rise and fall of (our perception of) Elizabeth Edwards. [Broadsheet]
  • New stats on the link between unintended pregnancy and abusive relationships. [OBOS]
  • Gays not actually interested in being ladies' playthings, akshually. [Lemondrop]
  • American Apparel is lame, Dov Charney is a creep. Commence mockery. [Frisky]
  • What was feminist in the State of the Union? [Ms]
  • Victim blaming becomes ever worse in the case of the alleged rape of a transgender woman. [Sexist]
  • On banning small breasts in Australian pr0n. [Feministing]
  • Grammy drinking game! Careful, the Lady Gaga rules are complicated. [CollegeCandy]
  • How have these male celebs changed over time? Oh, young Leo. We miss you. [SheChive]


BorgQueen said:

Let's all have some drinks tonight in honor of the Kansas justice system!

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