Ads gone bad: A Special K I would actually buy

Posted at 2:50 PM Jan 15, 2010

By Andrea Grimes

Over Christmas, I noticed a Special K cereal television advertisement running that featured a mom and her daughter doing some kind of craft at the little girl's kid-sized table. When the mom stands up to answer the phone, her ass is stuck in the kid-sized chair. Mom takes that opportunity to decide that since she is a grown woman who can't fit into a kid-sized chair, she is therefore fat, and needs to eat some Special K.

If fat means we can't sit in chairs made for children, then I am sorry to say that most adults who aren't decomposed skeletons are verging on morbidly obese. I can't find an online video of that ad just yet, but in my search, I did find this rip-off Special K faux ad, for cereal with birth control. Sign. Me. Up.

First one to find me a copy of the kiddie-chair Special K ad wins.


DuckiDeva said:

Oh man, I saw that ad and got openly hostile about it. Ridiculous! Searching the web turns up a number of other female bloggers who are also incensed by the whole "if you can't wear your first grader's clothes or fit in her chair, you're a pig who doesn't deserve real food".

pmsrhino said:

Thank you! That commercial makes me want to smash so many things, usually starting with my tv.

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