Women can't measure. It's science! And news!

Posted at 1:52 PM Dec 31, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

I ... can't ... I mean ... Daily Mail ... this ... is .... aghghghghghghghg. Just ... ugh. This is the headline: "The problem pourers: women drinking too much at home because they can't measure units."

Women who drink at home are knocking back far more alcohol than they realise because they are hopeless at measuring units.

Research has found that women who pour wine often give themselves their recommended daily amount in just one glass. They are far worse than men at judging how much wine they can safely drink, the Department of Health study found.

My jaw is on the floor. I am literally bleeding out of my face because I ripped my jaw off and threw it on the floor because of this story. I will probably roll over it in my office chair in a second because I can't measure the distance between the chair rollers and the jaw that I ripped off my face and threw on the floor.

The Daily Mail is no friend to women, but the content of this article is astoundingly sexist. They make absolutely no effort to tell us anything other than women are idiots. In fact, the article's lead premise--that women, uniquely, can't measure and always drink too much--doesn't seem to be supported by anything I can find in what the study in question actually said.

I am trying to understand this paragraph:

They are far worse than men at judging how much wine they can safely drink, the Department of Health study found. But men are much worse when it comes to pouring spirits - regularly giving themselves much more than a double shot. When people were asked to pour a single 25ml shot, the average amount poured was 38ml, with the highest a staggering 182ml.
Okay, women can't judge how much wine they drink. Based on? We don't know. It's just a fact, people, so stop asking questions about research and methodology. And even though the lead of the damned article is about how women can't measure, "men are much worse when it comes to pouring spirits" and they constantly over-pour.

Let's review: women don't know when to stop drinking and over-pour because they are stupid, and this is going to be the big news. In fact, let's make the headline about women as "problem pourers" even though men over-pour more than women and nobody of any gender was able to figure out how much an actual shot was. Let's be really clear: this study found that everybody drinks too much and nobody can pour an accurate shot, but the news is going to be that women are shitty and stupid. Which is basically the underlying premise of every Mail article about women.

Ugh. Of course people pour themselves big drinks at home. Who wouldn't? English shots of alcohol are smaller than American shots (25ml in the UK, versus I believe 35ml here in the States), making the mixed drinks served in bars across the pond somewhat weaker. (Although most of the time, my experience was that my English friends just ordered doubles.) Why not take the opportunity of making your own drink to make it however you like?

I am going to drink a box of Franzia tonight in this article's honor. Is that too much? I don't know. I am but a woman.


defenestrated said:

Maybe women like to pour themselves an extra couple "one-sheep two-sheeps" because society presents them with condescending crap like the Daily Mail?

BorgQueen said:

You win the comment thread in one shot, defenestrated! Happy New Year!

Gondring said:

Funny. I read it as giving an "out" for women...rather than saying they aren't being responsible, it's "just not their fault." (And note that the effects of women overdrinking are more severe than for men, thus the emphasis.) This isn't a new problem--earlier studies, such as one in Scotland, had similar results. UK alcohol "units" don't make sense, since most people would assume a glass is a "unit." Many women trying to be healthy with a unit of wine are actually drinking unhealthy amounts.

Kris said:

Sure, in much the same way saying "Women can't drive" is giving them an "out" when they have an accident because it's "just not their fault".

Kiala said:

I think I drank a whole bunch while reading this post. I can't remember, really. Also, I sometimes get my feet mixed up with my hands. *giggle*

My vagina makes me silly.

r4i software said:

In any corner of world you can not understand properly any women its fact.You give us scientific proof of this one it is very good.

Brittan said:

i know i shouldn't have enjoyed reading this as much as i did, what with the article and all... but... you had me at aghghghghghghghg.

almost30 said:

But...but...they said men were bad at it, too. Why are women all up in arms?

Andrea said:

Almost30 -

Because of the lede and the headline, both of which implied that women were bad at the pouring, or especially bad at it, when the actual facts are that everyone is bad at it. Behold, sexism!

Kiala said:

"Research has found that women who pour wine often give themselves their recommended daily amount in just one glass."

Um. I thought our RDA WAS just one glass. Did a woman write this post?

emily said:

Or maybe women know EXACTLY what they're doing and how much they're pouring. They're simply drinking more than the Daily Mail apparently deems appropriate for women. which makes us drink all the more, knowingly.

Anaia said:

No, no, I know exactly how much wine that was...

e.b. said:

Couldn't this apply to every type of beverage? Would the average person be able to pour 12 ounces accurately if asked? I think not. Depth perception, glass shape and size, the color of the liquid it all makes it a little hard for people to figure out how much is being poured.

Pete said:

Clearly they're just being economical according to this list.


r4i software said:

I am agree with you I thought why we can not get idea of this thing it was scientifically prove .Now I get my ans that we never understand women's heart.

Gina said:

Argh these are the kinds of things that really get the better of me. These kinds of pseudo-scientifically proven crap. Pardon my expression.

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