Very Serious Issue: Is the giant fashion bow completely stupid?

Posted at 11:29 AM Dec 02, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

In 6 months or so, you can probably expect me to be wearing a massive bow. You know, one of the massive fashion trend bows that are now so ... fashionably trendy. How do I know? Because I hate them. And when I hate a fashion something, I'm very likely to start enjoying it in 3 to 9 months. I can't explain it, but it happened with ironic ugly glasses. (I present to the court Exhibit A.)

I've been wanting to untie these obnoxious things for some time now, but this photo of Kate Bosworth on Jezebel today sent me over the edge. I love sequins! Moar sequins! But Jebus H., that bow; it ruins the sparkly goodness of the dress. I understand Bosworth is blessed with the kind of tiny middle that makes a massive LOOK HERE AT MY STOMACH BIG ACCESSORY WHOOOOOOOOO kind of work on her, but man. It's so ... creepy. Infantile? Childish? Wait, did I just say that bows are childish but sequins aren't? What is happening to me?

Ladies, can anyone provide a good argument in favor of the massive baby bow? Has anyone pulled it off with grown-up gusto?


Alex de Campi said:

Amusingly, given your posts today: lady gaga, about a year ago:

(Also, I'm all for taking back Bitch)

Raven said:

personally, i dig bows. then again, i also dig lolita fashion. i like the illusion of innocence both create. i'm guessing that's what they're playing with, here.

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