Shit Is Bout 'Ta Get Real, Y'all: Is there a word for that?

Posted at 1:38 PM Dec 04, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Hey, kids. I'ma crank up this funky pseudo-funk-studio-musician-tune and turn this chair around, so I can straddle it and talk about some real shit. Today's pressing issue: what you call those muscles on men (and Pink) on their lower abdomen that point down to their boyparts.

Because being real 'bout our bodies is way cool and hip, right? I mean, next week we'll probably talk about teen suicide and bullying, but right now, we need to get something straight, and that something is agreeing on a term for those muscle things.

I asked the Twitter world to help me out. Why? Because hey, I'm being real with y'all: that's what friends are for.

  • @j3551C4 says: V CUTS!
  • @somaphile says: that would be the psoas muscle, I believe!
  • @taradublinrocks says: "Davids"
  • @nerver (or own Merritt Martin) seconds the Davids: The Davids. As in, like the muscles on Michelangelo's "David."
  • @vegetarian9 says: "ken cut"...*puuurrrr* lol.
  • @sarahwiththeh says: Ken Dolls.
So which is it, Dolls? Are we going to be technical, what with the "psoas" or classical, with the Davids? Or perhaps pop cultural, with the Ken? Turn your chair around and tell me why your term is the most real, y'all.


BorgQueen said:

Well on Ryan Reynolds specifically, I believe the technical term is "lickable."

e.b. said:

You ask a question then put a picture of Ryan Reynolds up there and now I'm all distracted. That expression is ridiculous Ryan Reynolds. How do you manage to melt my cold coal lump with that ridiculous expression? HOW?

I vote Davids. Ken Doll makes me think of smooth crotch and that is not sexy.

Sassafras said:

Whenever I see that on a guy my head tilts back and I Look down and I think "I can almost see it". Sooo close to the holy land.

David said:

Uh...I believe that's called "The Moneymaker"

fitnessguy said:

Ladies, it's not a muscle at all. What you're seeing is a body fat percentage so low that his hips, and specifically, his iliac crests (i.e. the top of his hip bone on either side) are visible. Errr...just a little anatomy to help...
BTW the psoas muscle is located a bit lower...right around the rude bits-below the pants line in this photo.

DeathorGlory said:

My friends and I always called them "GI Joe lines", something to do with the old GI Joe figures always having them sculpted on. Pretty sure that was a nerdy, half-sleep-drunk, 3am creation.

Cailtach said:

Am I the only one who thinks that shit is gross?

Michelle said:

I first realized my love for them in the "rubber gloves" scene in Fight Club (, so I always think of them as "Brads".

Ranchoth said:

If I may...would you believe there *is* a term, already?

"Apollo's belt," aka "Adonis' Belt"—I first heard of the term, or a related one (I think "Girdle of Hercules" might have been another version), in college art history. Along with an amusing if cringe-inducing nickname for the Artemision Bronze.

I live to serve. :)

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