Ladies of the world: Sit in the damned passenger seat

Posted at 10:00 AM Dec 29, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Ladies of the World,

Isn't your boyfriend fantastic? Is he not the knees of the bees? Does your heart not go pitter-patter with every moment you are in his glorious presence?

Truly, I am happy for you.

But please, sit in the passenger seat. I'm talking to you, women-whose-boyfriends-drive-pick-up-trucks.

Oh, I know it is painful to be more than a few inches away from your beau, but please, do try to make the effort to sit, not straddling the gear shift, but all the way over--yes, all the way over--in the seat that was made for grown-ass people.

I think that you will find that sitting in the passenger seat will not signal the end of your relationship. For example, even from the passenger seat, you can still whisper sweet nothings to your boyfriend as long as he turns the Toby Keith down low enough. You'll find that his long, strong man-arms can still firmly grip your supple thigh while he talks about huntin' and beer and muddin', even if you strap yourself in with the big-girl seat belt.


P.S. This letter may be forwarded to the equally obnoxious close associate of the Gear-Straddlin' Couple, the Couple Who Sits Next To Each Other at Booths in Bars and Restaurants When There Is No Televised Sporting Event on That Would Necessitate Such a Seating Arrangement.


C said:

Ladies you could also try getting behind the wheel every now and then, no? Let him ride "bitch" for once!

Lauren said:

I park it and drive it better. I'll take drivers seat. And if he plays Toby Keith in it then we break up.

Dan said:

Not a frequent reader of this blog, but enjoy the ocasional posting...however since I live in LA, not really an issue we come across. Is this really that common?

-signed, out of touch with Middle America-

Andrea said:

Dan -

Here in Texas, I can tell you that it's a fairly common phenomenon. Not having spent any time at all in the Midwest, I can't tell you if it's common there.

But I actually even saw it in NYC once. Queens..


hcice said:

To all you people guilty of the above activities, keep it up. I find it nice to see couples that close. However, please refrain excessive displays of affection until you are in a private setting.

I am trying to figure out why you would be against people who want to be close to each other. Of course, being from Oklahoma, I have seen a plethora of couples wedged as far to the driver's-sides of trucks as possible.

Andrea said:

hcice -

To put it simply, it seems creepy and needy. I fail to see why people can't be two separate individuals for the length of a car ride or a meal.

Catherine said:

I've never actually seen that before. But when I'm in the car I (My Mum) usually goes down the motorway and that's a bit to busy for stuff like that, and because you don't pass many people in country roads you don't see it then either.

Dan said:

Thanks Andrea, I agree that it does seem a bit needy. Once as a joke I sidled up to my girl in a coffee shop booth, but didn't last more than about a minute before I moved back to the other side...I just realized that the previous sentence is probably the least interesting anecdote in internet history. Enjoy.

jilliganis said:

I was expecting a rant about the irony of an ad showing us that women are happier as passengers in their boyfriend's truck. Annoyance over affection? Seems petty.

Erin said:


I agree. It seems a petty reaction to people who just enjoy being close. There are lots of different things that may annoy us, but to dedicate a complete post to something like this speaks to the lack of quality material on this blog. It's not a social problem but a personal display of affection that works for a lot of couples. The majority of the posts on this site seem bitter and unnecessary.

Adri said:

Not just a Texas thing, or even an American thing. I live in Canada and this is something I see all the freakin' time!
Except, up here, most of the girls have big ol' mud-boggin' trucks of their own. And no, the boyfriends don't drive them.

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