In Fashion: Lumberjack(jill)

Posted at 5:00 AM Dec 04, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox


Lumberjack chic. Is it possible? One wouldn't think so, but then again, one wouldn't think that heroin, cowboys or the armed forces would be ready and plentiful sources for fashion inspiration, and yet they've proved to be time and again.

Now the fashion world has moved north, and they've returned with a bundle of warm, woodsy, surprisingly sophisticated designs that evoke cozy cuddles around steaming mugs of homemade hot chocolate and rough 'n tough days in the woods, your only companions a sharp-edged ax and a towering scape of soon-to-be-felled trees.

Below, a round-up of my favorite lumberjack(jill!)-inspired finds:

Watch out belooooow:

This motorcycle jacket-cum-lumberjack plaid is as stylish, edgy and fashion-fast-forward as it is warm. From Fred Flare (see above picture), the jacket's manifold features will keep you toasty and your crap safely stashed, with a shearling fleece collar, zip pockets, a quilted lining and a knit sweater hoodie. $75.

Getting axed:

This raw-edged plaid scarf from the Gap provides a perfect, homey splash of shabby-chic to your wear in lieu of your everyday scarf, but is still flowy, pretty and interesting enough to pair with your boyfriend blazer, layer necklace-style over layers of shirts and sweaters or even casually double tie around your waist over a simple dress. $19.50.

Back to nature:

Or you can always go with a classic: the plaid shirt, updated with a sassier, sexier look than the baggy messes I wore in the mid-90s when I went a leeeeeeetle too far with the whole grunge thing. This pomo take on slouch from Bloomingdales sports, the de rigeur burnout plaid design with a V-neck, a beautifully tailored cut (you can actually see your waist and hips! Zany!) and wonderfully billowing shirt sleeves. It's more blouse than shirt, making it office- and sexy date-friendly. On sale for $56 from 80.


Stick said:

I'm still wearing the baggie shirts....

Brittan said:

Omg. I am Lumberjack Jill. Why is it so hard to let go of the 90s?

andy said:

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