Cowboys, Indians, and many hearty laughs

Posted at 1:15 PM Dec 23, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Today, someone advertising on a local Livejournal community (hush up, I've had that thing since '01, ya heard) suggested this Austin, Texas-made "Playing Cowboys and Indians" calendar as a last-minute holiday gift. "Two men and one camera," indeed. Ladies, are you ready for some shirtless leaning? Because there is a lot of shirtless leaning coming your way.


Remember when I was all bitching and moaning about objectification and ridiculous man calendars? I can't even bring myself to get worked up over this one. In any sense of the word. Something tells me this man-made calendar is not intended for a female audience. And besides, the thing partially benefits hurricane victims. So I can only assume these poses are an artistic statement about ... wind?

To answer your next question: oh, yes, there is a horse. And, I probably don't have to tell you, some shirtless leaning thereon.
You're welcome.


Rachel said:

the model is markholan(cant remember his last name), and it was his husband's idea to make the calender modeling pants he designed and made.

Susan said:

Nothing like a calendar with a centerfold.

Andrea said:

Susan, do you mean a


Susan said:

Actually I meant a CENTUAR-fold.

Andrea said:

Susan, I am not sure we can manetain these puns.

L said:

Andrea, don't worry about the livejournal. I personally use it to secretly read some awesome fanfiction. Shh, don't tell anyone.

benson said:

Hey thank you for the plug; we got a few good hits and a sale from this link! The calendar is in good fun, was fun to make, fun to tour with and fun to share. We have been able to donate monies to Equality US for = Marriage rights, Breast Cancer Research, Gay Youth Theater in Washington D.C. the NOH8 Campaign and now Hurricane Ike victims. Re: leaning images. It's a fashion/catalog thing. It is funny in the same way that lady models having to collapse their breasts and stand as if their vaginas were being assaulted is funny. We are already working on the next calendar (we were a huge hit with the International Gay Rodeo Association as well as gay men and straight women nation wide. The Australians and New Zealanders also really loved us! You can rest assured that in 2011 there will be much less LEANING! If I were to write an instruction guide (you know the way that Sinead O'Connor does for her CDs) I'd suggest taking each image one at a time, I'd also suggest that the settings are as important as the model!

Thank you for having such an amazingly big heart!


Stick said:

Leaning men, you say. Does Angela Chase know about this?

Audrey said:

So let me get this straight, Andrea, you bash our hot guys and baby animals calendar as reverse objectification, when the whole point is to place men in a care-giving positions as loving creatures, making them the OPPOSITE of objects. And yet you have nothing bad to say about this one. I don't get it.

benson said:

Audrey, I totally LOVE your calendar! Amazing shots, hot men and sweet 'lil furry things! I think that Andrea's comments are all in good fun!


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