Alternatives to the female viagra

Posted at 4:55 PM Dec 01, 2009

By Andrea Grimes


Much hoo-hah has been made over the past couple weeks about the "female Viagra," an antidepressant with stimulating side-effects in women. Per the BBC;

In three separate trials, the drug flibanserin did wonders for women's flagging sex drive despite doing nothing to lift mood. The accidental discovery is akin to Viagra's - it was originally designed as a heart medicine but failed.
So, you stay depressed but really horny?

Psh. You can keep your fibanserin. I've come up with a few (mostly natural) alternatives to the "female Viagra." And I bet you can add some of your own.

Please cheer up this cold-ass Tuesday with your own in the comments.


Susan said:

Jon Hamm's hands look like they could crush my skull. I dunno why that is hot, but it totally is.

resurrection58 said:

i'm the whiner. war. rising sea levels. unemployment. suicidal soldiers. grad school debt. that was just the first 45 minutes of my day home.
yes, i want some sweetness.
funny shit.

i got off one of my anti-psychotics and my mojo came back so i liked the "wand" idea. but i don't think we're talking about the same wand.


Kris said:

"So, you stay depressed but really horny?"

Um, no, they wouldn't market it as an anti-depressant. Why do people get bothered by the idea that women might need a viagra equivalent? Are only men allowed to have issues getting their bodies to cooperate?

It's not just an issue of "Oh, they don't want sex". It's more like "They want to have sex, but their bodies won't cooperate". Just like when it happens to a man.

Sildenafil said:

i got off one of my anti-psychotics and my mojo came back so i liked the "wand" idea. but i don't think we're talking about the same wand.

how to avoid? said:

Who knows how to avoid fake female Viagra?

gerard said:

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zhaohui said:

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Viquesque said:

Why better

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