Aftersn00z roundup: Sponsored by prescription pain medication

Posted at 1:51 PM Dec 18, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

I raise my glass of liquid codeine to you all and hope that you have many a holiday party planned for this weekend. Me, I have overcoming some heinous strep throat and a lot of watching the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol, which is the clearly most superior version of said story. Here's this week's ladynews link love:

  • Don't wait for him to ask you out. [College Candy] Saying what you want is key to getting it. And if someone doesn't want to give it to you, well, time less wasted.
  • Tori Amos talks Christmas and Christianity. [Lemondrop] I've never been an Amos fan. But as I was also raised Methodist like the crooner-lady, I like this interview.
  • Pregnant women in jail forced to give birth in their cells, with no assistance. [Feministe] My thoughtful commentary: aghghgskdskjhgalgheowieilwmlsie!
  • What effect will the bi-yearly pap smear rec have on STI screening? [Feministing] What do you think will happen when ladies go to the ladydoctor less?
  • Amanda Hess' funnypants takedown of some incredibly lame Cosmo sex tips. [Sexist] No joke, they advise you to fuck a sprinkler. Like, a yard sprinkler.
  • Despite risks and complications, weight loss surgery projections are up for next year. [F-Word] Diet and exercise have apparently been spurned like one of Henry VIII's wives.
  • If you had just said "green balloons," a Missouri politician wouldn't have raped you. [Bitch] Other things that will prevent men from raping you: not being drunk, wearing a lot of unnecessary clothing, staying inside in the kitchen barefoot.
  • Fashion and coloring books, together at last! [Bust] WANT
  • Obama signs 2010 spending bill that favors an "evidence-based teenage pregnancy prevention initiative." [Ms.] Abstinence education will cry itself to sleep tonight. And I will laugh.


Stick said:

George C. Scott? No, what you meant to say there was Alistar Sim. It's a common enough mistake, I'll forgive you.

Paul said:

Sorry to hear you're feeling lousy. At least your Cowboys won though!

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