Aftersn00z roundup: It's worth saying!

Posted at 3:00 PM Dec 04, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

In addition to my regular Friday afternoon roundup, I'm going to link to this beautiful and funny and heart-warming video Portland filmmaker T'chaka Sikelianos and the Brooklyn branch of his family made after their 4-year-old went on a hippie-dippy peace rant.

Give a Chance 4 Peace (8mins) from T'chaka Sikelianos on Vimeo.

And here are some ladythings:

  • Is being single making us fat? Well, at least one of us, apparently. [College Candy] Linked especially for the "things to melt cheese on" line.
  • Uganda's bill to execute homosexuals is likely to pass. [Feministing] Luckily, America's own Rick Warren is helping the anti-LGBT crusade there! So proud. So proud. What was it Jesus said? "Kill the fucking homos?" Something like that.
  • Kate Harding can't fight the feminist fight against the plastic surgery tax. [Broadsheet] This boat, I am in it.
  • Rape on college campuses is often covered up. [Jezebel] Other things buried in college: your thesis statement.
  • Would a clothesline make you feel special? [Sociological Images] Lines of any kind are best avoided, methinks.
  • UGH CHEETAHS. [Sexist]
Happy weekend, Dolls!


John Merriman said:

I love you for posting this! T'chaka is one of my oldest and bestest friends and I'm happy to see the attention this is getting. Thanks!

Pan said:

Yes. Thank you.

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