Running With Scissors: Healthy body, unhealthy ears

Posted at 10:23 AM Nov 20, 2009

By Kiala Kazebee

I consider myself to be fairly healthy when it comes to my fruit and veggie intake (beer is a fruit right?), and I rarely spend more than 2 or 3 days in bed at a time, depending on where my depression hurts that day (everywhere), who it is hurting (everyone) and which of my shows are on (Bones), so I'm clearly "active." Now, if a paragon of health such as myself can still find time to seek out excellent music on the webatron, then why can't these so called "healthy living" bloggers do the same?

Obviously, I'm exaggerating for the sake of infotainment, and I really do care about nutrition and taking care of myself but not to the point where it completely annihilates my ability to see the difference between John Mayer and John Vanderslice. To clarify: Are healthy living bloggers incapable of good taste when it comes to music?

And I find myself wondering which comes first? The viscerally terrible taste in music or the obsession with physical perfection? Or is it simultaneous? Do the two go hand-in-hand? A kind of Huxley-esque utopian genetic type, not born of a test tube but conditioned from birth and taught through osmosis. "I'm so glad I'm an Alpha. Betas can't shop at Hollister or go to Cabo for Spring Break. Betas can't follow the Dave Matthews Band around or choose not to be gay. I'm so glad I'm an Alpha."

I'm leaning towards the  Brave New World theory myself but I'm interested in your ideas. Let me know in the comments.

Some examples of this phenomenon SLIGHTLY PARAPHRASED for my own amusement:
  • Kath Eats Real Food: "Totally obsessed with "Hide + Seek" by Imogen Heap!!!!!! It makes me want to move around like a bird!" Read: I feel so free! For the first time in my life I can express myself but DARN this polar fleece vest for inhibiting my SOUL. I mean just...POOH on it.
  • Eat Live Run: "Rascal Flatts was a success in all its country boy band glory! It made me SO EXCITED for the upcoming Kenny Chesney concert in two weeks!!!!!! Yehaww!" Read: Up until today, the Hollers were all I needed to feel complete, y'all, but the rain bath I took by accident while hitchhiking my way 'cross state lines and the love comin' at me from all these orange people wearing pretty shell necklaces tucked inside colorful, high collared cotton shirts has really opened my eyes to a different way of life. Also, jaegerbombs!!!!
  • Fitnessista "Zumba song of the day:  "Taca Taca" Yi-Way-Pi." Read: This implies there are other "Zumba songs of the day" and I do not want to live in that kind of world. WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?


Paul said:

How the crap can you work out to Rascal Flatts? It just feels so lazy and unmotivating?

See, for my workout, I go with something a bit more... violent. KMFDM, Manowar, or Dethklok are generally pretty good.

MaryMel said:

Kiala writes, "and I really do care about nutrition and taking care of myself",
but what's with her always being sick, and just laying around the house all day? It appears she may not take such good care of herself after all.

Also, what's with her obsession with the healthy living bloggers? Looks like she's dangerously low on material. Maybe she should rename her posts, "Running in Circles With Scissors".

BorgQueen said:

I think beer would be considered a grain and wine a fruit. Have a couple of each and you are well on your way to fulfilling your grain/fruit recommendations for the day. Sweet!

Jenny said:

Kiala is the last person on this site I would accuse of running out of material. Really I would not accuse her of that at all. I would just say she is very funny.

Jenny said:

Now is Paul funny or retarded?

Paul said:


I stand behind my musical selection for exercise. It may not work for you when you work out. I like growling vocals, and a fast tempo. With the sound that comes out, I would describe it as violent. I find it helps me push myself harder when exercising.

For a point of discussion besides simply trolling, what do you listen to when working out?

Crissy said:

Like, Oh My GOD, you guys. Beans are exactly like chocolate, only totally different.

What the hell was she even wearing?


sarah said:

Eat Live Run also LOVES blogging to "little women" soundtrack. sorry, i just can't get past that. oh and i like to correct them when they misspell bands like "outcast". come on!

ken said:

paul, also check out meshuggah.

heavy metal was made for 1) soldiers and 2) athletes...


Kiala said:

I really like to listen to songs I hope to sing at karaoke some day. In front of famous people.

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