In Fashion: All That Glitters That Ain't Gold

Posted at 5:00 AM Nov 20, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox

Grimbellina weather, wild winds blowing chunks of street detritus in my already red and totally dried-out eyeballs, mumsy overcoats and layers layers layers that must be constantly adjusted, removed and put back on and arranged! It's not even the New Year yet and I'm already beyond over Winter Fashion 2010.  

While a trip to the Bahamas isn't in the cards this year, there's no reason I can't eke a little sunshine out of my closet without adding a stitch of clothing.

My latest obsession is with all that glitters and is not gold. The wackier, the tackier, the glitzier, the glammer the better. Join me in donning a little early holiday cheer this year in the form of sparkling fakies. Below, a round-up of my favorites.

Feeling cocky?
This ring is not for the timid or the klutzy. After recovering from the detritus in the eye incident, I almost took out my left peeper mid-wild gesticulation while droning on about the inclement weather to my aggressively uninterested coworkers. That got their attention! The multi-hued stone ring flares up Peacock-feather style, and features a pupu platter of expensive-looking fake rock n' roll rocks that look like they belong on a Russian mobsters' molls' delicate little fingers. $40 at Topshop.

Need some air?

Check out this kick-ass metal bangle that looks more Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's than random $4.80 piece o' tin from Forever 21. It's surprisingly sturdy and sports a fun convex and vented surface that you can play like a xylophone on the subway if you want to out crazy the local nutbars. I'm just sayin'.

Button up!

If I must button up, and I must, I choose to do so only with a sassy, flashy piece of razzle dazzle attached to my overcoat. Banana Republic saves the day with a glorious Art Deco brooch that passes as adult in the office and ironically Gran-tastic (pictured above) when I want to run amok on the weekends. Yay, everyone wins! And it's only $32.


Kiala said:

OMG I am doing this too! I bought the tackiest sparkliest metal and diamond-esque cocktail ring the other day.

It makes me happy.

I also bought a brooch. I'm turning into my grandmother.

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