Teenage girl gang-raped outside her school dance

Posted at 4:09 PM Oct 27, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Over the weekend, a 15-year-old girl was gang-raped by as many as 15 boys and grown men outside her homecoming dance. The assault lasted more than 2 hours. No one called the police until someone talked about the ongoing rape at a nearby party.

This has been covered on other blogs and news outlets already today, but I couldn't leave it. It's so important to talk about sexual assault and, by extension, rape culture. What is rape culture? Shakesville has what's most likely the best description out there. Unfortunately, it can  be summed up thusly: rape culture is almost everywhere.


but really! said:

I cannot believe the school district spokesman person.
So, because this girl didn't have a safe ride home immediately after she left, it's HER fault, or her parents' fault that she was GANG RAPED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.

Paul said:

Well, there goes my appetite. Replaced with some good, old-fashioned, burning rage. I hope the best for the girl, and I wish horrific continuous pain on to all the bastards taking advantage of her.

johnathan king said:

i think that this school district should be sued for not providing protection for the children i mean where were the campus monitors someone had to be there. Each and every one that watched or participated in the rape or beating of this girl should have the same thing happen to them they should be beaten and rapped by a foreign object to see the torment that they did to this girl she will more then likely have serious psychological problems i feel sorry for this girl and her parents and i send my best regards to her and her family

Cynda said:

I would bet that the victim was white and the offenders and spectators were of color. As a victim of this kind of crime 30 years ago, I wonder when reverse prejudices will be addressed? My heart goes out to the victim as the powers that be will try to make it her fault so as not to offend any of the minorities

Gaze said:


So you use the occasion of a young girl's unspeakable assault to spew your ignorance and bigotry? You BET they were minorities? What kind of racist stupidity is that? Never mind that the VAST majority of rapes occur between people of the same race. And if anything historically, its minorities that have gotten the short end of the judicial stick, especially when it comes to baseless accusation such the one that came from your vile mind. You're probably one of those backwater rednecks smarting over the fact that lynching is no longer a legally sanctioned passtime. Burn in hell, you piece of garbage. To the girl, I hope her rapists are made to suffer dearly.

Popasoda said:

I have worked at that school before.
My fiance has worked there too. Last year it was claimed to be the worst school in the district.

@cynda. that was kind of offensive to say that you 'bet that the victim was white and the offenders and spectators were of color' especially since it is obvious that the school tries to shift blame away from them to save their asses when Richmond High is already underfunded as it is. If people would blame the rapists and the spectators as opposed to laying blame whereever they can they wouldnt' make statments that seem to leave the blame on the victim or the victim's parents.

angel said:

fiirst i wantt to sayy to cynda..dhatt is rude to sayy it was proablyy minority umm i fyhu think about iit iits dha crazyy white people who iis doing most of the raping think before you sayy things.....

jqbana said:

This so totally reminded me of the movie the Accused that came out years ago..although the womens attackers walked away free men..the law went after all the bystanders who cheered and egged it on..what kind of a conscience does anyone have to watch something so barbaric happening and do nothing??? Alcohol is their stupid excuse for behaving like animals..I hope justice is done for this poor child..I have a daughter myself and it makes me shutter to think these things happen to our kids.

Anonymous said:

very tragic... http://abschreiben.co.cc

Teenager Who Imagines said:

REALL?! REALLY?! The school should be sue for this! It was NOT the poor girl's fault for this! Those guys are SICK! And they should rot in jail and get raped in jail (how would THEY feel now?) I wish the best for the girl.

Anonymous said:

This is disgusting. If I was there I'd be the shit of of them. I'd kill them.

Starfish said:

Violent crimes, particularly those against women and children would be drastically reduced if punishments reflected the crime's brutality. In this case, the perpetrators should be forcibly restrained, raped and beaten mercilessly by their fellow prison inmates (because they DO BELONG IN PRISON), for not less than two hours while guards and inmates stand around and cheer. they should then be tossed into a cell in isolation for a couple hours before recieving medical attention. Then, they should be continually lambasted for allowing themselves to be raped and beaten. The selfish cowards that either stood by and watched or had the balls to go around gossipping about it, WITHOUT CALLING THE POLICE should recieve the same punishment. Sounds barbaric? What gives someone the right to do this to another human being? Their acts were barbaric and the punishment should fit the crime. I guarantee people would think twice about violating another person's human rights.

Anonymous said:

this is crazy!!! this poor poor child!!! may all those men burn in hell and pay for what they did!!! i hope they suffer just like she did!!! and for this to happen on school property? are you fing kidding me there should of been supervision!! the school should be sued also!!!!

Wendy said:

Starfish has a solution, and it keeps within the guidelines of the Golden Rule. The perps and all "passive" contributors would know in advance, their punishment after their various crimes against humanity. Having done unto another, what they would do unto themselves, each crime's punishment mirroring the crime.

Ebonie said:

I believe that EVERY on looker should b JAILED 2!!! How could a human being just sit n watch another human being a TEENAGER at that??? I'm so SORRY 4 her!! May tha LORD BLESS HER!!

Ebonie said:

What type of comment is that!! U see the person they have in jail is NOT black!!! Those type of statements let me know that there is STILL RACIST goin on!! Even with OBAMA running tha USA!!! We Still have those negative WHITE people looking DOWN on us!! GET a LIFE HUN U need it!!!

Donn said:

I'd just like to say best wishes to this poor-girl who had to suffer these
unbelievable hours of torment... My God!!! To all the Bastards who joined
in or sat by and watched and cheered your times coming...... Everyone of
you will pay in the end!!! I hope all of them rot in hell for eternity!!!!
I'm praying this girl forgets about her ordeal... That the shock of it was so
traumatic that she doesn't remember anything about it!! Godbless her and
her poor family : ). I hope the school pays a steep price for their negligence!!! Anybody who says it's her fault should be raped and skull-fucked I mean how do people come up with such ignorant remarks such
as that stupid shit!!! Think these sick fucks should Die............

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