In Fashion: Long Strapped 80's Purses That Don't Remind Me of My Mom's Bad Fashion Choices of Yore

Posted at 5:00 AM Oct 30, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox

The very notion of strapping on a long-strapped handbag instantly brings back bad memories of corny, clunky Coach and Dooney and Bourke mumsy, jazzed-up, high-end, tricked-out fanny packs from the late 80's that my Mom, grandmothers and aunts sashayed tackily about in. There, I said it! Ugh, I hate them! (Sorry Mom!)



The fashion gods have done it again: they've taken a heinous, long-buried trend, resuscitated it Frankenstein-style and created a beautiful thing. That's right: I wanna wanna get my hands on a few of these buttery, sleek, long-strapped, postmod numbers. (Next week I'll probably be legging it to Super Cuts to get some feathered bangs. Sigh. The things we do for fashion.)

And you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be wearing a blissfully hands-free purse across my body and snuggled at my left hip for handy access. It's a nice change from toting my totes and wedging a giant shoulder bag under my right armpit.

For Fellow Big Bag Ladies:

If you, like me, insist on packing a battalion of "just in case" items in your handbags (packets of tissues, at least five packs of gum, tea bags, granola bars, backup reading material, backup pens and paper) in addition to the wallet, electronic items, magazines and books most people haul around, then this roomy leather faux doctor bag from Urban Outfitters is all you. Bonus: it's lined, zips up and sports handy dandy side pockets and a protected inner pocket. Oh, and there are beaucoup color options: gray, mango, turquoise, fire engine red, black and burnt sienna. $68.

For the "I Need a Bag for Every Occasion" Gal:

Surely there must be an upcoming event at which a hard, bronze colored bag in the shape of a hexagon (roughly 17cm by 16cm) studded with fake diamonds and anchored with a long, funky chain will be required to complete your divalicious outfit? Look no further, darling. $65 from Topshop.

For Those Who Insist Upon Seeing a Bag as An Investment:

If, like many ladies, you view your handbag as a signature accessory that should translate easily from the office to grungy happy hours to dignified cocktail parties; an item that will be worn almost every day for at least a year in inclement weather and hostile conditions (the backseat of your brother's beat-up Dodge Durango, for example); an emblem of your style, etc., etc., then this gorgeous Mulberry bag (pictured above) is all you. You could wear it with absolutely anything and its brass hardware is absolutely stunning. Mrrrow! $350.


fete des peres said:

This purse is very simple in design but though looking nice. I would like to buy it. Thanks for sharing such nice product here. I really like it.

Margo said:

Long-strapped handbags, yes yes a thousand times yes! I wear my bag across the front, to avoid being pick pocketed, and my narrow shoulders shrug off double straps in a matter of seconds.

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