'Gourmet' gone, Ruth Reichl out of a job

Posted at 2:00 PM Oct 06, 2009

By Kiala Kazebee


Yesterday, Conde Nast announced it would shutter four of its "underperforming" magazines--Gourmet, Cookie, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. Foodie legend and Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl is out of a job and quite honestly, this should scare the living crap out of traditional journalists. If a woman as well-respected and savvy as  Reichl (she interviewed MFK Fisher for christ's sake!) can be laid off, then what hope is there for everyone else? I have this picture in my head of dozens of old-school news and magazine writers gathered around a laptop, weeping softly into their um..pens, or whatever it is they use.

Or maybe instead of the weeping, they host dinner parties in their fancy New York apartments and laugh about the good old days of yore--when the "internet" was something poor people did to entertain themselves because they were too plebeian for the glamor and pageantry of the New York publishing literati, and God help the web-savvy young things with their snark and state college journalism degrees and how very sad it was for the unconnected and let's call them "mis-educated" masses.


Okay yes, I'm a little bitter.


melissalion said:

I love Ruth Reichl. I'm very sad. I didn't love Gourmet magazine, however. It was pretty useless. As is Bon Appetit.


Cooks Illustrated, however. YUM. LOVE.

jm said:

I'm not saying, I'm just saying. . .

I heard a radio interview with her the other day, and I thought she was great--accessible, genuine, charming. It surprised me because I expected the editor in chief of gourmet magazine to be snobby and annoying, at least, which c'mon she totally is, but she darn near almost charmed me. Fer serious.

gizella said:

i don't read any food magazines at all anymore. I get what i need from the interwebs, where i can read comments from people who made the stuff and have amendments etc. Long live the New Flesh or whatever

Kiala said:

Well...and she's on the Twitter which is refreshing.

I love her too. I'm just jealous.

Mjx said:

Dumb TV shows aside, reporters for upscale magazines don't necessarily make a fortune; the jobs are sought after enough that the publications can pick the cream of the crop for far less than you might think. I know a few people in this particular induastry, and honestly would not characterize them as snobbish luddites, never mind 'glamorous' or self-important.

I think your first image was closer to the reality of things (yep, hard though it may be to believe, I've seen many quite elderly people use laptops... and the internet, even!).

I didn't love Gourmet (I make heavy use of Cook's Illustrated, myself), but it had nice pictures, and made a pleasant enough read; it's sort of depressing to realize that it went down the toilet, while Vogue, which makes almost zero contact with the reality of the lives of most of its readers, is evidently going strong. At least I could afford the ingredients for the recipes in Gourmet.

kcwc said:

mmmm... M.F.K. Fisher... mmmm
Makes me happy just thinking about her.

london said:

Shutter down of Gourmet.... sad..for me.

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