Finally, you can poke toxic needles in your face--at home!

Posted at 11:21 AM Oct 29, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Crank up the Magic Bullet, put on your Snuggie and get on the Gazelle, because mail-order Botox is coming to a your face near you. Here, a Texas woman (represent!) teaches you how to stick needles full of toxic muscle-freezing serum into your face ... at home! Without a doctor's supervision! Finally, a dangerous medical procedure with potentially lifelong negative side effects you can do in your own bathroom. And here I thought I was destined to just sit on the side of the bathtub and pop toe blisters for the rest of my life.

Oh man, I hope at-home endoscopic surgery is next. I don't need no damn appendix.

[Via Buzzfeed]


Susan said:

And yet you can't get birth control without a prescription...

Andrea said:

Again, Susan, I don't know why this is hard for you: women are allowed to starve, self-mutilate, and shame themselves into being pretty so that men will want to have sex with them. But they can't HAVE SEX. Gawd. It's not rocket science.

Susan said:

Nono, we can HAVE all the sex we want, as long as we HAVE BABIES to go along with it.

Chris said:

Both of you know damn well that facial paralysis is just plain hot. Stop pretending and somebody make me a sammich.

jose muchado said:

Who gives two shits? I don't. Oh no....women have to look to the advertising companies (some of which are ran by women I might add). Stop. Blaming shit on men all the time. Most of us could give a shit about this stuff. Learn to live, stop being cunts, you're not some historical figure in the civil rights movement.

Kiala said:

I just thought I'd come over here and gibber about my wrinkles.

As I do.

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