10 Songs We'd Like to See Performed on Glee

Posted at 5:07 AM Oct 13, 2009

By Kiala Kazebee

Like everyone else in the free world, I stopped watching Glee shortly after the disappointing follow-up to the exceptionally awesome pilot episode. Unfortunately, I had decided to write this list of songs I'd like to see performed on the show prior to being stricken with the mighty meh of Glee ennui, and so I've had to spend the majority of my weekend catching up on the fictional shenanigans of  William McKinley High School and ... it's not that bad, actually. Not great, but way better than that America's Got Talent crap.

The Glee kids are not too annoying and the anti-abstinence subplot is enjoyably subversive as is everything Jane Lynch does. I'm not as hot-to-trot on the Kristen Chenowith addition as the rest of the blogosphere seems to be, but a resounding "feh" from me is better than a *facepalm*, am I right? Anyway, all that Glee watching I've done in the interest of science has resulted in this list of songs that, if performed, might actually make me set the DVR to record. 

10. "Let's Do It," by Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg

So many Glee couples could sing this together, but my vote goes to a Jane Lynch/Kristen Chenowith pairing or maybe that kid in the wheelchair and the cheerleader Quinn. Or two cheerleaders ... I'm sorry, my mind just went to it's special place.

9. "Look What You've Done," by Jet

My guilty pleasure/drunken jukebox song choice could easily be given new life by an Emma Pillsbury rendition lamenting her status as a soon-to-be "homewrecker". And considering her tendency toward OCD, that term couldn't be more ironic.

8. "Jet," by Wings

I have never understood any of the lyrics to Jet. I mean, "Ahhhh Mater, want Jet to always love you" WTF Paul McCartney? Is this song about Germans with Munchhausen by Proxy or what? Overprotective parenting aside, "Jet" is the greatest Wings song of all time, so I'm sure the Glee writers could make it work. MAKE IT WORK GLEE WRITERS PLEASE I LOVE WINGS OKTHXBYE.

7. "Cherry Bomb," by Joan Jett

Obviously, Quinn the Celibate Cheerleader should sing this prior to seducing um ... whoever. Does it matter?

6. "Can't Even Tell," by Soul Asylum

The single greatest anthem for teenage angst ever written, in my opinion. I would wet myself if that football player Finn sang it. Seriously, I'd need new pants. I might even cry.


melissalion said:

I happen to love Glee. I watch it on my computer while I'm in my bed with flannel sheets and four blankets. I also eat chocolate ice cream while watching it. Basically, it's heaven.

I will say this: when Mr. Shue does hip hop or soul music, I get very, very uncomfortable.

That Neil Guy said:

This reminds me that I have long considered Paul McCartney to be the worst lyric writer ever. He has an uncanny and spot-on ear for catchy melodies and such, but his lyrics suck. Witness all Wings songs, but in particular Jet, Live and Let Die, the whole Venus and Mars album...why go on, we all know it's true.

Stick said:

Great music video for SA.

grippe said:

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SEO TIPS said:

The Glee kids are not too annoying and the anti-abstinence subplot is enjoyably subversive as is everything Jane Lynch does.

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