The biggest dicks are in D.C.

Posted at 11:57 AM Sep 18, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Is it the ocean's motion? Or the size of the boat? If you live in Alaska, here's hoping you're a bigger fan of the sea itself than the vessels: according to the gay-tastic Manhunt Daily (via College Candy) dudes in the country's largest state have the shortest penises, at an average of 6.34 inches.

Granted, this is based on self-reporting data, so I figure we can shave off some centimeters overall and especially in the big winner city, Washington D.C., where I suspect political-minded ego size might have caused some wrong ruler readings. The capital's average? 7.59 inches. New York and California came in second and third, with my home state of Texas at a barely respectable 15th place and 7.30 inches.

But I have to ask: who really cares? Without revealing too much of my own sexual history, I'll say that I almost never remember a wang. I'll remember it if it's remarkably big or remarkably small, but on the whole, the guys who come in at "average" pretty much run together in my mind. But you can bet I could diagram and narrate, down to the millimeter and nanosecond, almost every aspect of my past partners' skills in the oral department.

Ladies, do you have peen amnesia like me? Is it size or skill that you remember most about your past boys?


Mjx said:

If I try, I can accurately remember pretty much all the penises I've seen (a goodly crowd), but, although a couple of the larger ones WERE breathtaking, I cannot say the smaller specimens were attached to less fun or skilled guys. Yeh, what they do and how well they do it makes a lot of difference, but the bottom line is whether or not I'm into the guy (and let's not forget, being eager and able to learn...).

BorgQueen said:

Nothing worse than a big dick getting "lost " if you know what I mean. A total waste. But I think in general the guy needs to strike a balance between size and skill in order to please a lady.

Susan said:

I think I remember whatever is remarkable about any guy. So, guys with a big schlong get remembered for that. Guys who knew what they were doing with it get remembered for that. Good oral sex gets remembered, average oral sex gets forgotten. Sometimes I even forget it happened. I would say perhaps we just remembered memorable things.

I would also say that Washington DC is full of shit.

Tanay Kumar Das said:

Skillful guys with good sex experience are remembered than with big dicks.If you find pleasure with a small dick then you will remember it.Its all about the pleasure that you will enjoy while having sex.

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