My cat loves getting his ass beat

Posted at 9:30 AM Sep 09, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

My cat, Whiskey, loves to get spanked. In our house, we call it "bustins" or "whippings," and he cannot get enough of it. Look how he chases me for more!


And a brief search on YouTube reveals that Whiskey is not the only one. Too bad a kitty support group would probably not go well. This person refers to the cat spankings as "kitty bongo."

Whereas this cat actually gets a true paddling. Note the love hug!


AG said:

In the high tech world o' massage therapy we call that move "tapotement". Humans pay $60-$80/per hour for that. Whiskey is getting it for free. Smartcat.

BorgQueen said:

My cat loves getting her little butt spanked too! I don't hit her as hard as Whiskey gets it but she loves lying on her side and getting her love spanks. If I don't do both sides of her she gets pissed off at me.

Glad to know my cat isn't the only cat fan of Secretary....

Lisa said:

All my cats like having their rear spanked. That last video was just a bit too wierd tho.

AlexB said: This is completely new to me, and I grew up in a house with cats. I'm amazed there are that many people who know about this.

By the way Andrea, I had somehow missed your Youtube page in all the time I've been reading the blog. I hope you do more Classy Cocktails videos, those drinks are boss!

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