In Fashion: Crisp White Blouses

Posted at 5:00 AM Sep 04, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox

Forget Granny's tyrannical rule: no white after Labor Day. Nothing says "Fall!" like a jaunty white blouse - and this season is offering a multifarious medley of funky cuts that are in violent opposition to anything Plain Jane would wear.

No matter what your shape, fashion proclivities, age or jobby-job, the white blouse will never go out of style. It just so happens that this season, there's a fresher crop of options from which to pluck your pick.

Eccentric, sexy chic:

This sheer white shell from Trixxi definitely requires a camisole, but it's worth it. Flirty and fun, it hugs the body in all the right places with a sassy ruffle detail around the bodice, a mandarin collar and short sleeves with one-button cuffs. Black piping around the ruffles, collar and trim add to its unique allure. On sale at Macy's for $28.50.

Distracted, deep-thinker:

As you pen (okay, type) your next masterpiece while nursing the tall Americano you've been daintily sipping for going on 4 hours under the increasingly wrathful eye of your local barista, luxuriously roll up the gorgeously pristine 3/4-length sleeves of your hip-skimming, pleated, relaxed tunic with a perky little collar standing at attention. $50 from Banana Republic. And continue click-clackin' away.

Faux British spinster/crazy cat lady

If you like to occasionally dress like a prim librarian (the better to surprise 'em with your wild side later), this buttoned-up, smocked front button-down from Arden B. is parfait (pictured above). It features a built-in belt, which should be tightly cinched at all times for maximum anal-retentive affectation. Short and puffy princess sleeved, natch, with gold button details complete the look. $38. Thick smudged glasses, clingy pencil skirt and peekaboo red silk slip not included.

The (pretty) workhorse:

Always practical, always reliable, everyone needs at least one basic white shirt that can be desperately grabbed for any occasion in which one's "colorful" personality should most definitely not be on display. (First interviews, meeting the parents, work presentations, YAWN). This sensible yet cute pinstripe blouse from Charlotte Russe will have you dutifully appearing to be playing the part of the obedient, dependable sack without completely embracing the role. The quirk is still there with the rolled sleeves with button tabs and the 3 ½" bottom band with smocking at the back--but it's partners' parents and potential future boss/client approved. $21.99.


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