Dating sites: Fat people are lovable, too!

Posted at 9:06 AM Sep 03, 2009

By Andrea Grimes


In a press release sent out today, three dating sites have conducted a survey that says guys like fat girls, too. Clever,, and! Obviously the fat girls out there are stupid enough not to notice your playing on mass insecurity and shame to get them to sign up for your sites. Online date away, you porkers, because love is possible, even though you're "heavy."

Ugh. The press release claims that fat women are missing a lot of "dating opportunities," apparently to date men who pity them:

"A whopping 85% of single men professed their love for heavier women with more than 80% of men feeling that overweight women are less bitchy than thin women. These single men thought that overweight women appreciate the attention that men give them and are more loving because of it."

You know, those statistics and explanations are telling, but not because they give hope to overweight women. They're telling because they show the ridiculous way overweight people are treated and perceived in society. Obviously if you're fat, you must hate yourself and be infinitely grateful for any scrap of attention you can get. Nevermind the fact that the words "overweight" and "heavy" and even "fat" are never defined in the study. Nevermind the fact that Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson--two "fat" women cited as sexy role models--are about as fat as watching paint dry is fun. Nevermind the fact that you can be fat and confident (and bitchy! and nice! and silly! and smart!) and not, as this survey seems to want us to believe, merely sad and desperate for the love you will never have. Most telling of all is that the survey is about what men of any size want in women of a specific size, and not the other way around.

What the press release buries is that the question "thousands of male online daters nationwide" were asked was whether or not they'd date a woman with "a few extra pounds." 85% said they would. Ah, so scientific! And specific! Obviously this means that guys love fat women, who should sign up for online dating, did I mention that? There's a big, fat difference between asking a guy if he'd date a girl with a few extra pounds and if he'd date one who's "heavy" or "fat" or "overweight" or "obese." But ah, semantics, right? Really, the headline of this article should read "85% of Single Men Who Signed Up For Our Online Dating Sites That We Surveyed Don't Mind If You Have A Few Extra Pounds, Meaning They'd Really Mainly Like You To Be Average, Probably On The Thin Side Of Average, Thanks."

But 80% of the guys said that even if a woman was obese, they could still love her! How this reconciles with the rest of the survey, I don't know: 64% of men said that if a love interest was a "couple of pounds overweight" they would only like her if she were trying to lose it, and 42.5% of men said that they could not date someone who was more than 20 pounds overweight.

So, most men don't mind if you're a little fat, but a majority of those men want you to be trying to lose it, and most of those men are going to leave you if you're 20 pounds overweight, anyway. I think we can learn something very important from this survey: don't try to understand stupid, pandering bullshit.


kris said:

"These single men thought that overweight women appreciate the attention that men give them and are more loving because of it."

Translation- desperate and puts up with more of your shit.

I parted with my girlfriend recently, but since we're stuck in the same apartment until my new one is ready, we've been trying to top each other in horrible online dating profiles. She's had me beat with the sheer number of men who see her extra weight and message her with things like "I love fat chicks". Because calling a woman fat when meeting her is totally the way to go.

Red said:

I'm "heavy" and bitchy. Guess I'm fucked!

Pete said:

I think the real shame is that we throw so many preconceptions out there, it muddies the waters. Guys get lonely, girls get lonely. Just get together people. For myself, attraction can come from any angle. Being healthy is the real issue.

But seriously... Pussy is pussy, am I right? There ain't no patch for the snatch!

BorgQueen said:

Pete I think you said it beautifully!

And these guys who would SO GRACIOUSLY date a women with "a few extra pounds" (my GOD, they are saints!) but only if she is trying to lose it and only if it isn't more than 20 pounds, gosh well they must be gods themselves to make these demands! I bet they all look like Christian Bale in Batman Begins right? They must since they feel they have such a power to judge.

*sarcasm meter explodes*

Pete said:

Yeah, say my name again!
Right now there's bodies bumping buddha bellies against bread baskets and I'll bet none of em are thinking "aww, this is lame. I'm so glad we're burning calories right now."

Paul said:

Pete's probably picturing a plethora of perverse penetrations pertaining to people putting-out.

I suppose I should have started with "C", but I'm fond of "P".

online dating said:

check out for online dating

in the words of too short said:

her friend said I'm ugly, I ain't even fresh... she told her friend, "they fuck the best." but seriously, this is like second wave, on a site that's working third wave, with comments that are negative 2 wave. in the words of perry farrell, "Now i wish we all waved." I need to stop looking at the internet past my bedtime.

Mistakes Girls Make said:

If you actually take a look at the people walking down the street... most of them are completely undatable. If you are an attractive person... maybe 10-20% (being generous here) of people in your age group are actually decent? So what about the other 80%? Well those repulsive freaks are desperate to get with anything. And no girl is easier to score than a fat girl because they're desperate as well. So there you go, mystery solved. Ask a decent dude if he'd date a fat chick and he'll laugh in your face. That's what I do anyway.... laughing I mean, not fat chicks.

tammy said:

@mistakes girls make, i am soooo sad that my weight will disqualify me from dating a caring, respectful, and DECENT guy such as yourself. i'll lose twenty pounds and call you! but only if you promise to call me a chick while you "do me."

jay said:

My opinion: Fat is completely unattractive. Sure fat people are "loveable" but only if they are good people (as is the standard for any body type) Not only is being fat unattractive, but its unhealthy. So, proud of being fat? I don't get it. Nor do I understand how someone could get to that point.

Anyway, I just read an article that is craaaaazy!! "Stuff Fat People Like" lol

Mistakes girls make: you'd love it

Tammy: you most likely would not.

Andrew Presley said:

Heart counts than personality. If you have it, chances are you will find your partner online. So, don't be discouraged of your body type. There's so much of you to be love by someone else who have a heart too. Dating online is fun. Go make dating online your way.

Basit said:

Hi,I need a girl friend

danikki said:

What I don't get is why people are so against fat people having any self esteem whatsoever. We didn't murder kittens, we're fat, we're people too... And just like everyone else we should like ourselves. It disgusts me when obnoxious guys come on these sites, whom obviously have nothing better to do then be crude, and try to insult people because of thier weight, like they don't work and pay taxes like you do.

Elena Parker said:

I am very very fat. I have broken many marriages (which I enjoy) and happy home. Still I am not satisfied. I get all high just watching other people crumble in front of me. I am in short (though I am short) narcissistic. Most people think I am a trouble maker - they don't know me. I am just looking for a man to love. Is there anyone out there. Please please write to me.

JarerecuchLub said:

Hello, I just joined and I am looking forward to participating as my sister has been battling a serious weight problem her entire life and I have seen first hand the effects this battle can have on a person. I will catch up on some reading and will join in soon.

coeriurgirurb said:

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affediaAbnoff said:

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Bolton Towok said:

I like watching fat sexy ladies.
please send photos and contacts

KIM said:

I must say, every fat chick I know (not I-have-to-lose-this-winter-weight-before-swimsuit-season fat, but fat-fat) fits the stereotype of the low-standard-having, I'll-take-anything-you-throw-at-me-because-I-know-I'm-disposable weakling. They're nice to have around because they're always eager to buy you things and easy to ditch.

denise ortiz said:


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