Would you put a giant maxi pad in your house?

Posted at 1:00 PM Aug 19, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

This sanitary pad table looks like so much fun, I almost can't imagine not buying it for the right price. Because periodically we all need to have a laugh, right?


Lord knows maxi pads are good for just about anything besides their intended use. Mopping up cat vom? Sure. Can't find your slippers? Strap a Kotex to your feet. Need period protection for more than thirty seconds? Just put a tampon in, because pads are pointless. But not any more! Now, they're giant conversation pieces on which you might, perhaps, store the scores of lady-products you've been marketed over the years.

Designer Andy Kurovets is responsible for the brilliance. And if you like what you see, you can opt for the tampon USB drive, too.


BorgQueen said:

Yes. I would LOVE a constant reminder staring me in the face of that time of the month where I feel like a bloated, crampy, disgusting leak-machine.

rubyrose said:

well i'd rather be reminded by this awesome piece. because i would get distracted by the terrible "have a happy period" slogan crap. but maybe a step in the right direction we should be okay with this %&&%%&% because well. it represents something awesome that only can do. strong women and all?
okay grasping at straws so i don't kill something.

David said:

Oh cool! A hockey rink table.......err.....wait.

No it's not.

Eye-Roller Lass said:

What, no lampshades shaped like used condoms to go with it?

Mjx said:

I guess if I got this table, I could use it to hold these lamps: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yewenyi/2462000077/ ?

Eye-Roller Lass said:

Can't wait for the booger beanbag.

yewenyi said:

Yep, I think that the lamps would go well on this table!

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