Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: The Collective Real Housewives of Wherever

Posted at 1:00 PM Aug 18, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

So how many Real Housewives spin-offs are there now?  Orange County?  NYC?  Boise?  (I'm kidding about Boise ... for now.)  I fear this franchise is turning swine flu on us, spreading rapidly from couch potato to couch potato until we all collapse in on ourselves, sickened by a terrible case of conspicuous consumption.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why these shows continue to hold value for people, especially in the midst of a recession. I get the fact that these women are tacky, nouveau riche types, and it's fun to laugh at them as they haul plastic surgery versions of themselves around their McMansions and gossip with one another about whatever stupid nonsense fills their social circles.  But honestly, if you want vapid, mindless trash, there have got to be at least 200 better versions of this show on the air.  (Is this the time to admit to being frighteningly addicted to Kendra on the E! channel?)

I would actually rather watch real--really real--housewives struggle with the everyday stuff of life than view kooky-eyed Teresa caterwauling and flipping tables over.  Ultimately, despite the histrionics, it's a yawn fest after the first 5 minutes, and it should probably be canceled.  To the catty, spoiled ladies of "Real Housewives", I have only one question ... WTF?


Bre said:

I completely agree with you. These shows make me weep for humanity. I have no interest in watching them despite my coworkers' chatter over previous episodes.

Mjx said:

I would definitely watch a real 'real housewives'! You know, trying to get$100 worth of groceries with $85, coping with their younger children inserting objects into various bodily orifices for no clear reason, wondering if their teenagers are doing drugs, or just trying to look like the famous junkies they admire... Yep, I'd watch that... hell I KNOW people like that!

T-bonez said:

I'll watch just about any garbage out there, but the Real Housewives franchise is one of the few I just can't get into. It sucks that much.

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