Women who make us ask WTF: Orly Taitz

Posted at 12:00 PM Aug 04, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

It's incredibly fitting that every time I see Orly Taitz's name written, the first thing that comes to my mind is skeptical internet speak: "O RLY?" Taitz, who is apparently a dentist (!?) and a lawyer (sayeth HuffPo) is the flustered leader of the "birther" movement, which claims that Barack Obama was born not in Hawaii, but Kenya.

Just in time for Obama's birthday, Taitz lost her shit on MSNBC yesterday in an interview with David Shuster. Highlight: she calls the anchors Nazis (2:16) and then gets upset about people saying mean things about her. But the best part comes at 5:31, when Shuster asks her if she refused an NBC limo because the driver had a Muslim-sounding name. Listen closely for someone cracking up in the studio in the background.

Just look into her hollow Eurotrash eyes and tell me this woman doesn't define crazy. Even Ann Coulter has dismissed the birther movement (can we call it that?) as a bunch of "cranks." When Ann Coulter thinks you're nutbags, that's when we have to ask: Orly Taitz, WTF?

(Bonus! Check out her awesome website.)


chad said:

I think "movement" is the perfect word to describe the entire collection of Birther ideals, desires, and lives in general.

"Movement" should, however, be preceded by the word "bowel".

Mjx said:

How... embarrassing. The overwhelming majority of Jews are wishing this crackpot would keep her moronic opinions to herself. There's no getting away from the fact that the opinions are not going to regarded as those of an isolated nut, but as somehow reflecting the attitude of an entire heterogeneous group.

I do so wish she would get a head injury that would simply cause her to believe that she's oh, I don't know, Tara Reid, thus rendering her harmless.

L said:

She makes my ears hurt. Yeah you are right WTF?

Keith said:

Who knew you could find someone worse than Ann Coulter and Katherine Bachmann

Susan said:

She's not even AMERICAN??? Why the fuck does she even care?

This is the thing about America. This it the thing.

kris said:

Susan, she's an attorney in California. Are you assuming she's not American just because she has an accent?

Paul said:

Probably presuming that because her location is listed as Tel Aviv.

FuryOfFirestorm said:

Am I the only person to read her name as Oily Taint? It certainly fits, IMHO.

debalazo said:

Obumanation and his parasitic handlers, no matter what, their time is up. The idiot can't produce his BC, neither ANY of this personal documents, from school, church, passports, army, etc. O-Baa-ma the Indonesian cannot be president of his own neighborhood. Imposter, Fraud, Subversive for Zionists International. Check the Constitution for PENALTY. All of them.

XoзяинДьявoлa said:

Весьма тонко подмечено. В чем-то себя узнал :)

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