Things we can learn from the 'Mad Men' season three photo gallery on Facebook

Posted at 10:03 AM Aug 11, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

A few minutes ago, the Mad Men folks updated their Facebook page with like 10,000 pictures of the cast getting wasted and doing beer bongs and stuffing the new guy down a toilet!

Just kidding. That's what your little sister did on Facebook a few minutes ago. The Mad Men folks uploaded photos of the cast looking hot and sexy and confusing for season three. That is, if you think Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogs are hot, sexy and confusing. (Maybe the Mad Men'-ers got hot, sexy and confusing enough off the first batch of photos released a couple weeks ago?)

Anyway, I've put on my gumshoes and trench coat to hunt down the secret of the mystery of the hiddenness of what will happen, catalog-style, when the show premieres this Sunday. First up, the leading ladies:


Peggy and Betty hopped in their time machine, got in on the 2009 summer florals trend and toted that shit back to '63, the year I am assuming it still is because Peggy's mini-makeover hair cut doesn't seem to have changed too much. As you can see from Betty's slim middle in both this and the below photo, baby bumps are not a season three accessory ... yet. Wait for the fall line?


Here, we see that Peggy has learned to write excellent ad copy and wear revealing spaghetti straps, which interests Pete Campbell, who continues to sport the "weaselly assface" trend that worked so well for him in the first two seasons. Joan, in ice blue, has not forgotten that you are watching her every move. Those sleeves; divine!

Roger Sterling is standing up and not looking particularly exhausted, which means he has probably survived whatever babies his young new wife has in store for him. In gray contrast, Don Draper looks assertive and possessive, a timeless classic.

But perhaps the most clues about season three come in the last new photo ...


From left: Salvatore Romano's folded arms say "I'm still in the closet," but that little flared foot says, "Maybe I'll screw that new foreign guy." And oh, my, is Bertram Cooper wearing shoes?! We'll have to tune in to find out. Roger's a cut-and-paste job, inserted to give still baby-bump-free Betty someone to face while she looks tortured and secretive, but like Don Draper gives a shit, he's got a camera to stare at, right!? Peggy's going for something coy-ish, and her Pete body language says, "I may have had your baby, but my copy rocks." Joan, again, is too busy being intense to bother with Paul, who continues to trim his "massive pompous tool" beard, popular with the young self-righteous liberals of the time. As for Ken Cosgrove, who together with Paul appears to be about to discover booty dancing ass grindage, he's going to continue his pasty pursuit of literary success. Harry Crane is basically cut-off and ignored, just like in the earlier seasons. Maybe in season three, someone will teach him how to do an intense stare.


Anna said:

Andrea, you're my freakin hero. I don't know many souls funny enough to take a catalog photo analysis and actually make me laugh out loud several times.

David said:

You are so wrong - and so wright. How does you do it?

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