Stripper radio comes to Denver, CO

Posted at 11:00 AM Aug 19, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Never been in a strip club? That's okay--if you live in Denver, you can just crank up your radio to 101.5 FM and paint a picture in your mind. Because 101.5, sponsored by local titty joint Shotgun Willie's, calls itself "The Pole," and its programming is all about strip club favorites from the 80s, 90s and today.


This seems more like clever marketing to a sex-numbed culture than any great leap in radio programming. What with Miley Cyrus grinding on poles on children's television and Britney seemingly unable to wear anything besides a bikini, if it doesn't come with sex these days, many folks just aren't interested in ingesting it. Yawn. Where I come from, a playlist that includes Kid Rock, Rick James and Heart is as likely to be an adult contemporary mix station or a dance-jams-of-your-childhood outfit as a "strip club" song compilation.

But hey, maybe The Pole's website is revolutionary, even if the station's playlist isn't! Wrong. Anyone who's ever ear-swallowed some local shock-jock's wanky crap will tell you that a stupid joke like an "employee bathroom live webcam" that goes backstage at a strip club before "cutting out" is par for the idiot-course.

Of course, the best 101.5 joke is the part of the site wherein they ask the strippers about Obama's health care plan on their "Stripper Poll" and everyone gives stupid answers. GET IT strippers are stupid, GET IT!!! YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE!? Women who are sexy are dumb as hell! Because nothing says sheer brilliance like a deejay named "Marty The All Night Party."


Mjx said:

Sigh. My dream radio station, with selections selected solely by producers of humorous movies (e.g. Zucker brothers, Mel Brooks) and their casts seems farther away than ever. And I bet it would have some surprises.

Erin said:

Actually ya'll are about 3 weeks to late here. 101.5 The Pole was a joke aimed to get people listening to the new 101.5 The Truth, a talk radio station. Granted The Truth is just as dumb as The Pole b/c I've been listening and all I hear is partisan shit-dribble. The real tragedy is the best indie station ever had to die for these shenanigans to take place. RIP Indie 101.5 :(

Chuck_U_Farley said:

The whole scenario was a promotional pimpjob.

And Grimes fell for it.

Flush Twice, readers. It's a long way to the White House.

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