Q&A with the founders of Lamebook

Posted at 10:30 AM Aug 05, 2009


By Andrea Grimes

Lamebook: where we learn that James' fiancée is soon to have a mouthful and that Kyle only shares certain information--like the approximate size of his wang--with those who are not his friends. Part of the oversharing revolution, Lamebook has become one of my favorite sites when I need to be reminded that we're all fucking doomed.

So I e-mailed Jon and Matthew, the founders of Lamebook (and Austinites! And my actual Facebook friends!) to find out what makes the site go ticky-tock.

HD: Who are you, where do you live, what do you do?

Jon and Matthew: Our names are Matthew and Jonathan, we live in Austin, Texas and we both work as full-time graphic designers for different agencies.  We met in college then both happened to end up here in Austin.

How'd you come up with the idea for Lamebook?

We both decided it was time to start a website that posts all of the dumb shit from Facebook. So we threw out some name ideas, landed on Lamebook, registered the domain then sat on it for about 6 months collecting material until finally we decided to act (while personally learning quite a bit about web development).

What are, in your opinions, the worst Lamebook offenders?

J: That's a tough call.  But personally I'd have to say the mushy relationships post get to me the most.  I understand if you're in love with someone or have feelings for them, but posting that on the wall (which shows up in everyone's feed) is like digital PDA. Ugh.

M: I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think the worst are the fights/breakups between couples. But the worst are usually the funniest, so I guess that makes them the best Lamebook offenders.

Do you ever get hate mail from those who've been called out? What's your response to them?

Haha, yes we do.  So far only a few people have called us out and I'm pretty sure every message so far has included something along the lines of "I'm gonna sue you!"  We're not out to piss people off but understand that if the internet is laughing at you, you might get a little heated.  In these cases we generally don't respond.

Would you take down a Lamebook post if asked?

J: Yes. If people find themselves on the site there is a link where the offended can send a request to be removed.  And we (unfortunately) will take them down. But depending on their friendliness in asking it may take a few days.

Does it get tiring blurring out all those photos all the time?

J: I don't mind blurring the photos so much but you do have to be careful not to miss a last name here and there. The tiring part, although entertaining, is sifting through all of the submissions.

How many submissions do you get versus how many you post?

J: We average about 75 submitted emails a day, each including an average of 2-3 attachments, and only 6 posts make it to the website a day.  So I guess that comes out to something like a 3 percent success rate.

Has Lamebook taught you any valuable life lessons?

J: Lamebook has taught me that those ideas you have that normally just sit around as an idea, can actually amount to something if you follow through and make a go of it.  It's also taught me that people will most likely agree that you're lame if you have a 20 post, online argument about some missing DVD's with a former roommate.

M: Agreed. :)


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