PETA: saving the animals, shaming the humans

Posted at 10:30 AM Aug 12, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

More and more, PETA is looking like the snarky, self-righteous vegan film student who spends 10 minutes at a time telling you how to live a healthier, more conscious life--and down with Wal-Mart and McDonald's!--during the smoke break wherein he practically eats a Marlboro Light. On The F-Word yesterday, (vegetarian!) Rachel calls out this heinous new PETA promotion, which like many PETA promotions, shames and objectifies women, who occupy some vague place below animals on their level-of-importance scale. Rachel asks, "Against animal cruelty, but not human cruelty?"

Here's PETA's Florida billboard (!), which encourages you to go vegetarian, you fat fatass, and come hang out with people who aren't fat fatasses but like to eat healthy and judge fat fatasses. It sounds like a whale of a time!


The F-Word links to a personal account from a Floridian who saw the billboard on the way to the beach with the family. It's heartbreaking:

My family was visiting and I was planning on taking them to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day when I saw the billboard that made me want to cry. It says "Save the Whales" with a picture of an over weight woman in the foreground. We all sat there and stared at it for a minute and everyone in the car was silent. No one wanted to mention my weight.

I laughed it off as usual but it really had made me so embarrassed, so self conscious and so ashamed about my weight that I dropped off my family at the ocean front and left to go home making the excuse that I wasn't feeling well.
Poor taste and broken hearts aside, why does PETA believe that calling people "whales" and pointing out their "blubber"--equating humans with animals in a most derogatory way--would make anyone throw out the meat in their fridge and buy a tofu steak?


Scott said:

This reminds me of every awkward time I made a comment about an overweight person's choice of clothing only to forget about my overweight friend/acquaintance standing right next to me.

BorgQueen said:

Seriously, WTF. And you know what, you CAN get fat from eating vegan just the same as you can stay slim eating meat on a regular basis. Please. I am all for living a healthy/ sustainable/ cruelty-free lifestyle but I am against someone else's beliefs being shoved down my throat. PETA needs to get a grip.

hexy said:

*looks at advertisement*

*looks at own fat, vegetarian body*

Fucking idiots.

Lillith said:

Guess I'm a whale.


Now I want to go find a group protesting how KFC is cruel or some stupid, lying, bullshit like that and eat a bucket of tasty tasty chicken.

Meat certainly is murder but damn does it taste good.
Bastards needs to just shut the fuck up

bint alshamsa said:

How I wish I could place a sign next to that one saying "Save the whales. Go cannibal instead (starting with PETA)!"

DaisyDeadhead said:

I weigh about 20 lbs more than I did as a meat-eater (over ten years ago)...

Gee, ya think an increasingly-sedentary lifestyle (and aging) might have had anything to do with that?

PETA = Idjits!

liaisse said:

What would you propose then?
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Todsets said:

It can hardly be so.
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Betty said:

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flexo said:

um, maybe people shouldn't be fat then. must not have hurt her feelings too much if she still refuses to lose some weight (or at least try to). I'm a healthy weight, (not veggie) and that billboard doesnt offend me. maybe people should try to be a little healthier- sorry to sound mean but overweight is unhealthy just like smoking etc. I'm not anti fat just anti unhealthy

Anonymous said:

Seriously, flexo?

How 'bout the supreme court saying this back in 1954, "I'm white (not black). It doesn't offend me that schools are segregated."

You most certainly are anti-fat. Bigot.

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