Packing on the pounds as a 'Top Chef' judge

Posted at 9:04 AM Aug 06, 2009

By Andrea Grimes


This New York Times article says Padma Lakshmi, the drop-dead-gorgeous-and-smart Top Chef judge, gains 15 pounds per season when they're filming. I know it's a hard thing to fact check, but my god, where does she put it? In her toes?

While filming for "Top Chef," the TV show for which she serves as judge and host, part of her job is to taste food from some of the country's best chefs every day for five weeks.

"That's tasting 16 to 17 bites of each dish we test, each with 17 to 20 ingredients or more," she said in an interview. And because the contestants try to make their foods as delicious as possible, "they have a tendency to infuse them with more fat," she said.

This issue has totally crossed my mind during my Top Chef binges, but more in the "I can't believe she doesn't look like Jabba the Hutt and continues to look like a supermodel," way, rather than the "That's gonna be a big mistake tomorrow," way. I mean, my god, her arms! Sigh. There are definitely some Stephanie Izard dishes into which I wouldn't have been able to stop at a measly 16 bites.

Is it lunch time yet?

Bonus! Here's Izard on Julia Child, culinary comeback queen:


kris said:

Easy. It all goes to her butt, and they just swap out progressively shorter chairs every week. Ingenious!

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