Ladies of the world: let us flip our flops no more!

Posted at 2:00 PM Aug 05, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Dear ladies of the world,

Earlier this summer, I made a difficult decision. It was an unpopular decision. To some, it would be an unthinkable decision. But I am a woman, and I have the right to choose ... not to wear flip-flops if I don't want to.

Yes, it is hot as the dickens outside. And I spent the summer traipsing up, down and across New York City, on sidewalks alternately wet and scorching. Flip-flops would have been a logical footwear choice. They're easy to clean, relatively cool (temperature-wise) and wonderfully refreshing to kick off upon returning to one's apartment.

And yet, flip-flops say, "Meh. I can kind of take or leave this whole 'style' thing." And that is not what I wanted to spend my summer in New York City saying.

And so I stuffed my suitcase with gladiator sandals, Diesel flats and a pair of well-worn cowboy boots in lieu of the easy choice, flip-flops. And I'm so glad I did. Sure, there were days when I wanted to slide on a pair of thongs for a 9 a.m. trip to the liquor store, but really, that's giving up extra hard, twice.

I found that removing flip-flops as a below-ankle option opened up a world of unexpected style decisions. When you can't just default to the idea that there will be nothing remarkable about your shoes and, by extension, your outfit, every ensemble becomes a little more exciting. Cut-offs and a Hanes boyfriend tee with flip-flops? Yawn. Cut-offs and a Hanes boyfriend tee with boots? Yee-haw.

And so ladies of the world, I ask you: commit to a week, a few days, heck ... an hour ... without flip flops, and see what fashion befalls and befits you.



BorgQueen said:

You will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands!

Chelsea said:

I stopped wearing flip-flops when I was 13. I've absolutely refused to wear them since. Those things just gross me out. I'm not even a super-fashionista or anything. A simple pair of flats just feels so much better.

Brittan said:

Yeah, I'm the opposite of all things fashion and maintenance but I don't even do flip flops. It's been 3 summers now and I'll never buy another pair again.

kcwc said:

I rarely wear flip-flops -- I don't like the thong between my toes, and it's like wearing your bathing suit to the grocery store -- only acceptable within one mile of the beach, with a cover-up, and and you should be damp and in a hurry.
Every now and then, though, I give it a try. Shall I tell you about the last time I ever wore flip-flops? (Ever). My then four-year-old son and I were visiting grandparents in Florida, and I tripped while following him on some playground equipment. Sprained my ankle! Let me tell you, you don't want to sprain your ankle when you are pregnant (oh, yeah, I was seven months along at this point)-- it takes that whole conventional pregnant lady swollenness to a whole new level. (Boy, did it freak out my dad).
Huruaches forever!

Ryan said:

I like Toms, they are easy to get on and off, they are pretty well circulated and weigh nothing because they are made of canvas material, and kids in Africa get a pair when you buy them. Win-win-win situation.

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