Everybody poops. Does everybody have to talk about it?

Posted at 10:24 AM Aug 27, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

I know I wouldn't be the first person to lament the internet and social media's influence on oversharing. But there's oversharing, and then there's talking about, taking pictures of and videotaping human feces. Internet, why are you doing this to us?

Barely a day goes by when STFU Parents doesn't feature some kind of parental heinousness involving a child, potty training and a profile picture. And it's not just kids: the lamesters at Lamebook have even gotten in on the action. We're talking about grown-ass people posting status updates about their bowel movements. And today on Buzzfeed, someone's linking to the "most adorable" video of a kid showing you his poop ever.

If you don't like extreme close-ups of kidshit, probably don't watch this:

Oh, how I yearn for the days--really, to be able to remember such days--when the scariest thing my parent-friends might show me would be a video of their boring-ass family vacation to Colonial Williamsburg. People of the world: poop is not adorable.

I'm trying to imagine some old-school science fiction film where the future-thinking scientist says, "And in THE FUTURE, people will ride in flying cars! And have a cure for every disease! And post intimate, detailed accounts of the bowel movements of themselves and others on a world-wide network of computers!"

Readers, do you also feel as though we have gone a poop too far?


Ro said:

I'm just hoping this poop phenomena is one of those scary internet trends that will hopefully go away.

I really don't need to see this stuff while I drink my morning coffee.

Orangutan said:

This is one of several reasons I don't use Facebook anymore.

Peaches said:

"Poop is not adorable" indeed, but neither is poop a necessary source for shame. I think many parents' confrontation with their children's shit is cathartic for them in that it's their first encounter with shit that they're not ashamed of.

In perspective, considering it's something we do every day, and considering the seriously high level of inane nonsense people update their statuses with on FB ("just woke up and drank coffee!!!", "I'm tired...and it's only Monday!!!"), I still don't think shit is discussed enough. I, for one, have only seen one parent talking about their child's poop on FB--and that newborn was constipated for the first 13 days of his life! That's worth a post if anything is.

Try going to an IBS forum and take note of how squeamish people are in talking about a disease that consumes their lives. It's sad and pathetic, and symptomatic of a society that has built up walls of civility effectively keeping shit outside the confines of acceptable language. Why?

Peaches said:

Btw, sorry for being so serious

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