Dane Cook: now with unfunny slut-shaming!

Posted at 3:10 PM Aug 12, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Recently, another load of nude Vanessa Hudgens pictures appeared online, prompting everyone to make fun of a very pretty young celebrity who made a relatively stupid decision. Of course, no one was making fun of him or herself for ogling the pictures, passing them around and being generally part of a culture that values naked women more than smart women. Somehow people were outraged she took a naked photo of herself but not that she thought taking a naked photo of herself would make her valuable/interesting/worthwhile, but OH WELLZ where would she get that idea, anyway!?

Brilliant social commentarian Dane Cook addressed this issue at the Teen Choice Awards by slut-shaming Hudgens, who he called out in front of the entire theater (before handing out the "Hottie" award !!!!) for being a big old whore. This didn't make it to the final broadcast, and from the look on Hudgens' face, Dane Cook may not make it through the week:

The dynamics here are ... astounding. Established, powerful white man gets on a microphone in front of thousands and tells a young Filipina woman she's stupid, slutty, less than. Ugh.

Because really, Dane Cook is the moral beacon by which young women should measure their worth and consider their behavior. Because his asshat attitude and frat-boy antics say "Excellent judge of character." And more than that, Dane, if anyone just needed to shut up and look pretty--something you appear to be happy to tell Hudgens to do--it's you. Call us when you write something funny. We won't wait up.


FAIL said:

"powerful white man" "a young Filipina woman"?? This is not about race you moron or slut-shaming. Maybe you should get off jezebel.com and TRY to form your own opinion, as hard as that might be for you.

Andrea said:

Alright, I'm listening, FAIL. How is this not about race or slut-shaming? Lay it on me.

Bre said:

I think this is reason #267 for me to strongly dislike Dane Cook and wish he would disappear from the public eye. Reasons #1 thru #266 are "HE'S NOT FUNNY."

BorgQueen said:

Seriously when will people realize this d-bag is not funny. I have never laughed at a Dane Cook joke. Granted I haven't seen a lot of his performances (I like to keep sharp objects OUT of my ears, thanks) but still. Why the hell is he still in the puublic eye? I am gonna start going to comedy clubs and saying stupid racist,sexist, ignorant shit and making a ass of myself on stage.... maybe I can get paid for that too!

jack said:

The first set of pictures that came out were a relatively stupid act. The second set sort of confirmed it. Sure she's a kid and kids make poor choices all the time, but she's also a celebrity and part of the Disney stable. You'd think one of her adult handlers would warn her about things like this. Publicist, agent, manager, Disney rep, parents, etc.

I'll admit I don't get the race angle though. How is this different from when Jamie Foxx said horrible things about Miley Cyrus on his radio show recently? Was that a powerful established black man attacking a young white woman? Cyrus probably has several times more $$ than Foxx.

DJRM said:

the only time Dane Cook was ever funny was when his voice is dubbed over Naruto and Bleach scenes for comedy AMVs.

Andrea said:

Jack -

I suppose the race angle is more of an aside than a focus. I see that video and I see White Patriarchy Tells Slutty Brown Gal To Quit Being Slutty Except When White Patriarchy Wants You To Be Slutty. I suppose it's subtle, but I think it's there, even if I am probably overreacting.

Blah said:

I see race playing absolutely no factor into this. If Dane Cook was Filipino, nobody would even be playing race factor into this, so race is pretty much irrelevant.....

In other news, Vanessa Hudgens is 20. Really, these photos seem to come out whenever she's going to star in a movie....

Is it just me or publicity?

Anyways, who cares about Disney anyways? It sucks.

theChad said:

a) Cook has no business parenting anybody.

b) shit. I did almost the exact same thing to J.Hill on Tuesday. I thought it would get a laugh, just like Dane did. It got a laugh, even from J. Still not going to do it again.

c) Who brought race into this? DANE COOK DID. "You gots to keep you close on, guuuuurrrrrlllll!" Cook is from Philly. He chose to affect an accent that evoked African-American urban slang.

Andrea said:

Blah - I think you inadvertently proved my point. If Cook was Filipino, race probably wouldn't be an issue, as you say. But Cook is not Filipino, and in fact he is white, ergo race is an issue.

yets said:

I hate him!!!!
je is not funny at all!!!

Blah said:

If race was a factor in this, then Dane Cook would've somehow made fun of or parodied her heritage, that of which he did not.
Now, I'm not defending him or anything but to add on with such irrelevancy is just a little over the top for me.

@ theChad at point C - African-American urban slang? So, this somehow went from an joke targeted towards a recently controversial incident, to Dane Cook attacking African-Americans and Filipinos (which I have heritage of.)

This was simply a joke targeted towards a controversial and to bring it any further and point even more fingers would simply distract us from what it just was.

I don't think Dane Cook is funny nor is his joke justified, however, we all just need to relax and put our torches and pitchforks down. It's not like Dane Cook was attacking the whole world and every country, every human being, and every race.

theChad said:

Blah - When one affects a verbal tone meant to characterize a lack of education or upbringing, the implication is that the listener is of a lower class. It is the very definition of "talking down" to someone. Dane Cook is a 37-year-old rich white man. Hudgens is 17 years his junior and not white. If he, you know, star-to-star wanted to give her some advice about not caving to pressure, he could easily have set up a meeting. He wanted to call her out on a nationally-televised *children's show* to get a laugh at her expense. The Teen Choice Awards is not a Comedy Central Roast.

By the way, nice attempt to blame the victim by implying that the photos were a publicity stunt. We weren't talking about the photos, we were talking about Douche Cook's decision to shame her in a ridiculously public forum.

Blah said:

Yeah, I'm blaming the victim? Why don't you read the first link this article posted?

So, here's what you're trying to say theChad: "People who talk as if they are lower class have a lack of education, therefore subtly implying, reading from your previous post and this present post, that African Americans are of low class and lack of education, which I entirely disagree with.

Last time I checked, Dane Cook and Vanessa Hudgens are both Americans, what you're plainly trying to say is that because Dane Cook is white, he can't target a joke towards someone, who isn't, even though he's not parodying his or her heritage.

Trust me, if Dane Cook attacked her heritage in any way, it would've been offensive.

But this is all just getting ludicrous. A guy makes a joke regarding Hudgens' controversy, which hasn't only happened once but twice, and we start pointing a racism finger towards him. Now THAT'S what I call an overreaction.

Again, I don't think, in any way, Dane Cook is funny.

TheChad said:

I read the article. So because a celebrity gossip site said it's publicity stunt, it is therefore a publicity stunt and you are justified in blaming the victim. Outstanding logic.

Also, I didn't say that African Americans are of lower class, douchenozzle. Ghetto slang from one cognoscenti to another is a way to communicate volumes of context beyond the actual words spoken. Ghetto slang from the Great White Hero of All Frat Boys Ever to a woman whose mother is an immigrant and whose father is of the only people who've been crapped on by white people longer than African Americans is....

why am I explaining this to you? Don't you have a town hall meeting on Health Care to protest?

Sarah said:

For anyone who has read this article since the video was taken down, I found another link:


As for Dane Cook's comments to Vanessa Hudgens, I'm a little disturbed. Hudgens can do whatever the fuck she wants as a 20-year-old, so Cook has no right to comment (albeit naked pics are obviously bad for her PR). Also, what part of "Teen Choice Awards" made him feel like this type of joke WASN'T uncouth?

I know the audience laughed, but teens are effing assholes and will laugh at anything that they deem cool (i.e. Dane Cook mocking a latino/african american/"urban"/whatever woman while simultaneously telling a celebrity to keep her clothes on).


Isaac said:

Wait, Vanessa Hudgens isn't white? I just thought she spent a lot of time at the beach. Anyway, first set of nudies could be accidental. Second set=asking for it.

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