Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Women Who Date Jon Gosselin

Posted at 10:45 AM Jul 28, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Alright, so a post I once wrote about how much Kate Gosselin of the disastrous Jon & Kate Plus 8 makes me wanna puke has gotten quite a few hits, with most people agreeing that this castrating nightmare deserves everything she gets, including the recent split of her marriage.  (Of course, there are some sympathizers out there.  Then again, there were Nazi sympathizers once, too.)

ANYway, this post is not so much about Kate (who, according to a new TLC sneak peek, is soldiering on, insisting that she will do all she can for the money ... I mean, her kids).  No, the focus of this post is on the women who for some reason are attracted to Kate's ex, the tubby, remarkably bland Jon Gosselin, who is partying like it's 1999.  (Seriously, he's 32, and lately he's been acting like he's 22.)

First, there was the 23-year-old school teacher, Deanna Hummel, whose loving brother charmingly tattled on his sis to the tabs.  Apparently she was too boring for the even more boring Jon, because she was soon dumped for Hailey Glassman, a hard-partying chica who vacationed with Mr. Yawn in Saint-Tropez and who apparently likes to have her picture taken while druuuuuuunk.  But Jon Gosselin hasn't stopped there.  His latest flame is reported to be a woman named Kate Major, a Star reporter who has left her job over the tryst.  She's the oldest of the fame whore triad at 26, so at least that's ... good?  (Not sure on that.)

Now if this regular category were entitled Men Who Make Us Ask WTF?, trust me, Jon Gosselin would be its weekly topic.  But it's not.  It's about women, and it seriously strikes me as odd that any woman would want to attach herself to such a lump of slack.  What is his appeal?  His unemployed, reality star status or his eight children and nightmare ex-wife?  Or could it possibly be ... the hair plugs

Seriously, ladies...WTF?


Trenton said:

SERIOUSLY!!! It drives me nuts when girls do this to themselves. I'm sure it's just so they can get their picture in a tabloid and feel like someone cares they are alive. But that's seriously pathetic. One time I heard a story about OJ Simpson from maybe 3 years ago on sports radio. He was in a Las Vegas restaurant with SEVERAL younger white women around their mid 20's to early 30's. seriously?!?!?! White women around OJ don't have a great record. And really, this is the real problem: some women are stupid enough to put themselves in danger not to be famous, but to sleep with someone so fucking infamous that they can tell their friends and daddies who they hate so much about the horrible decision they've made. Probably just because that's a decision that elicits a reaction from people, so they can actually be noticed. This is why chicks aren't funny. Because way more chicks are STOOPID!

BorgQueen said:

LMFAO "White women around OJ don't have a great record"

I couldn't agree with you more, Trenton, about (almost)everything you said, excluding the last 2 lines as these idiots not only don't speak for the rest of intelligent womanity, there are far fewer of them, they just make horribly public asses of themselves so we see them more.

ANYWAY, I think part of it is the "bad boy" thing but in this day and age, association with these men almost guarantees you some notoriety. Just wear a shirt that says "I hate you Daddy" rather than sleeping with the lowest of the low.... looking at you ANYONE that dates that Peterson guy that killed 2 of his wives (his first name escapes me at the moment). Sadly, there are many of us intelligent, responsible, independent women out there that feel sorry for these ladies and wonder what went so wrong in their lives that they feel they have to do this to themselves.

But please, don't judge us all on a few idiots. There are plenty of dumbfuck men out there who make poor decisions in life and love, but they are truly the exception.

Trenton said:

Borg, I don't mean to offend intelligent, funny, responsible, awesome women such as yourself. Sometimes it just seems they're few and far between. Dumb guys are many. Just watch MTV.

David said:

Sometimes relationships are born from nothing more than proximity.

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