Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Jenny Sanford

Posted at 7:30 AM Jul 07, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Jenny Sanford has been getting a lot of press recently, and for good reason.  Her husband, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, recently professed to the national press that his Argentinian mistress was his soul mate and he was going to try to fall back in love with his wife.

Through a series of apparently carefully calculated statements quoting everyone from Desmond Tutu to the Bible, Jenny Sanford appears to be willing to stay with her husband.  "Forgiveness opens the door for Mark to begin to work privately, humbly and respectfully toward reconciliation with me," she said, acknowledging her husband's "lack of judgment" and "egregious offenses."  Although she admits to having asked Mark to leave prior to his Appalachian journey, she now states, "I believe Mark has earned a chance to resurrect our marriage."


I was surprised to find a lot of the buzz surrounding Ms. Sanford has been positive.  Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post writes that Jenny is a new political role model with nerves and determination and a "practical vision of real love and what it takes to make a marriage work."  Sorry, but I think to make a marriage work, your husband has to at least admit to loving you.

Kathleen Deveny of Newsweek is calling her a "media genius" who has "demonstrated a far savvier political instinct for self-preservation and political spin than her husband."  (Frankly I don't think it takes much to beat Mark Sanford at the spin game.)

I know that you're never supposed to judge another couple's marriage.  And I'm not saying that adultery should be an automatic reason to bail.  But what I am saying is that if a man openly professes his love for another woman when he's supposed to be with you, it's time to hit the road.  Or better yet, have him hit it.  Jenny, pride is gonna keep you warmer in bed a lot longer than that cheating bastard ever will.  Kick him to the curb.  Otherwise, you deserve a big ol' "WTF?"


amarygma said:

Why not, worked for Hillary Clinton?

Jessica said:

You know, I liked her at first, because she wasn't doing that "Stand by your man despite public humiliation". She flat out said his career wasn't her concern, etc. But now I'd say she should dump him. Hard and fast.

Anonymous said:

There is absolutely no situation from her perspective where she would want her husband out of office... even if she wanted a divorce...

Here's a video of her talking about spitzer...


Susan said:

"Sorry, but I think to make a marriage work, your husband has to at least admit to loving you."

But what if maybe not? Just because a loveless marriage isn't for me doesn't mean it isn't for anyone.

Stonecrow said:

It's between THEM.

Anna said:

Don't forget she's trying to represent the Christian doctrines her slutty husband apparently forgot about. What God has put together, let no man (or Argentinean hottie) tear asunder.

Brittan said:

Call me heartless, but I long for the day when the wronged wife of a public official finally gives her husband the public bitch he deserves and sends him packing.

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