We can has a kitty haiku winner!

Posted at 9:04 AM Jul 16, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

The big winner in yesterday's Housecat Housecall giveaway is New England's own Brian Yurick. I dug his haiku, but it was the inclusion of this sweet photo of his adorable Peanut that made his entry numero uno:


Peanut, how you cry
We love you old lady cat
The sun shines on you

Strangely, all but one of our entries were from men. I guess the New York Times is right, dudes love their felines. Or no women read this blog. Hrm. Some more of our favorite entries are after the cut:

From Susan: you need your teeth out? / cats should be NO maintenance. / good thing you're handsome.

From Andy: Who's a good kitty? / A rhetorical question / the answer, ME-ow!

From David:
Gross in mornings step / Late at night they retch, I wake / Hairball formula

From Steve (three!):

I thought it was mine / But now I live with two cats / I was mistaken
A large queen-sized bed / Enough room for one person / Or one cat -- not both
Your goldfish is dull / Your dog is humping my leg / That's why I own cats


Susan said:

OOoo I like Andy's!!

Homer_J said:

This is awesome, thanks so much picking us. FYI, Peanut is one of our four cats. She's 15 years old.

There's also:
Floyd (13)
DeeDee (8)
George (1)

We have a full house as you can see.

Angela said:

She is a great cat!

Rose said:

Those were great!

Love the picture of Peanut. So cute. :)

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